Vote for the Best of New England Casinos

The annual New England Casino Awards begins today with your votes.  For the next ten days, you have one chance to cast your opinions for the best gambling, best dining, best hotels and more.

Om Monday, January 28th, we will post the results and on Tuesday, January 29th we will analyze those votes and give our own opinions with our Editor’s Choice Awards.

New England Map

New England

With three new hotels, two new casinos, sports betting in Rhode Island, and additional entertainment and convention venues, we might see many changes from previous years.

So, what to you think?  Here’s your chance to share your opinion – make your vote count.  Click below to start your journey through only 25 questions, not all mandatory to register your votes. This year, we have added areas to write in your favorites after hearing your nominations.

We can’t wait to hear your opinion!

The 2019 New England Casino Awards – The Best of 2018


2 thoughts on “Vote for the Best of New England Casinos

  1. Vivian Morse says:

    MGM in Springfield embraces the community thus enhancing the environment.

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