MGM Springfield – Random Thoughts & Good Tips

MGM Springfield

I have stayed over at MGM Springfield the last three Tuesdays, in three different rooms on three different floors. You might have heard how I spent one Wednesday morning if you have heard the Art In The Game podcast by Christopher DiMauro. Here is the link for that podcast – more about the podcast at a later date.


Today’s post all about MGM Springfield – the good and the disappointing.  Included here are many thoughts and tips i have found over the past three weeks.

MGM Changes for the Good

First, here are changes that MGM has made by listening to their most important people – their guests.

1. Hired more cocktail waitresses to serve you better while you are gaming. (It does seem there is a higher degree of beverage service, kudos)

2. Improved traffic flow through the garage during peak hours of operation – so you can get in and out faster.

3. Doubling the number of video poker machines on the casino floor. (Now, if only the paytables would be improved)

4. Added Top Dollar Slot machines into High Limit, per your request.(Nice addition.  This is a fun game – probably $5 denomination. Great game for community slot play with a group of players pooling their bucks)

5. Added more $10 Blackjack and Roulette tables to the gaming floor so everyone can get in on the action. (Again, Kudos)

6. Added Let it Ride Poker plus more War games to the gaming floor, because you asked for them. (Do people really still play Let It Ride?  Next they will be introducing more Caribbean Stud, too.)

7. Reduced scooter rental pricing to better accommodate our guests. (Just what is needed – more scooters in a tight slot area)

8. Lowered short-term valet prices for a more convenient experience. (Smart move, but it’s still expensive)

9. Expanded the hours of operation of our casual dining venues to better serve you.

10. More logo-inventory and cigars are now available at Essentials. (But only logo-inventory items can be bought with Express Comps)

Good Tips

The main kiosks by Tap and the Valet/Self Park doors are very busy most of the day.  Try the other kiosks around the casino.  If you’re checking in, use the kiosk outside the hotel lobby.

The hotel coffee nook has a great selection of tea as well as Starbucks coffee brewed while you wait the way you like it.  Only problem – it’s only on the 2nd floor, but can be used by all hotel guests.

The ceilings on the 3-6 floors are lower than the 2nd floor. If you want the feeling of more space, ask for 2nd floor.  Room sizes are still the same though.

Due to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission emphasis on responsible gaming, not only are the ATM’s off the casino floor, but Cash Advance it not available at ATMs or at the Cashier cage.  You can only get an advance through a debit card or check. Annoying to some, but commendable.

FYI – Resort Fees are $22.69 included even on comped rooms.

In the little store “Essentials,” which is the everything you might need store, including logo apparel, you can’t use your points to pay for anything except for MGM logo items.

Video Poker

Beware of the Triple Play Video Poker machines.  The Royal flush only pays 1500 with 5 credits played on each line instead of the standard 4000.

The new VP machines near the poker room all include a game not seen much – Triple triple Bonus poker.  It’s a 7/5 paytable with only 2 credits for 3 of a kind (typically seen in Triple Double Bonus also) which makes it a very volatile machine, but with bonuses including 4Aces w/kicker, four 2,3,4’s with an Ace kicker both equaling 4000 credits like the Royal, it might be interesting to try.

Playing Video Poker in the Commonwealth Bar has a nice touch.  But unless you are a millennial,  you’ll have to flag the female bartenders down, as I watched the guy to my left and to my right walk up after I was playing get their orders taken before me.  I guess some players become invisible – beware!

The chairs at the long bar are attached to the bar.  If you enjoy standing at times while playing the bartops, go to the Commonwealth.

Random Thoughts

Would it really be so bad to offer a bank of  Video Poker with the new machines that with 8/5 JOB?

I wonder how well the hotel rooms are really put together.  The handle for my 5th floor toilet was hanging out of the side.  Didn’t work in the morning!  This place is only three months old right?

The two self-service areas for beverages always seems to be out of something, no ice, or not working. This needs to better, especially during busy times.

The shower soaps have been downgraded in size by about 50%.  Is this another MGM “nickel & diming” moment, or just hotel service error?

The king beds all seem to have this weird pillow with half a face – kinda creepy, in an artsy sort of way.







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