Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast Reaches 100 Episodes!

Congratulations to “Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast” for their 100th podcast!  With his sidekick Cousin Mike, or as we know him as Mikey9s, they have hit this milestone quickly, with great gambling tips, trip reports, interviews and an entertaining listen not found in many podcasts.  Let’s face it, Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast in just fun to listen to.

What’s so special about this podcast compared to all the others?  His passion!  Vito wants you to share in his experience of learning everything there is to learn about gambling, casinos, Vegas, ……. the works.

His purpose, starting with episode 1, is all about maximizing the experience for the recreational gambler.  Now, I have been listening to some of the best gambling podcasts for years.  (Check friends of NETimeGambling for examples!)  I have never heard someone learn so quickly how to entertain and bring it to his audience in such a short period of time.  Vito is intent on bringing the recreational gambler good information, and also engaging the listener with every episode.

Vito & Mikey remind me of that Italian East Coast gambling friend who you want to spend time with, and who sincerely wants you to have a good time.  Not stuffy, not “full of himself,” just the kind of fun guy you wouldn’t mind meeting at your local casino to play some craps.

And he’s a New England native – Connecticut raised.

While Vito himself is quite a character, it wouldn’t be a great podcast without great content. Here’s some of the fantastic guests he has had already on his podcast: (their expertise is included)

  • The Wizard of Odds – Michael Shackelford (Gambling statistics & strategy extraordinaire)
  • Richard Munchkin of “Gambling With an Edge” (Advantage Players, Blackjack)
  • The Annoyed Pit Boss (Stories from the casino Pit)
  • Greg “Fossilman” Raymer (Poker)
  • Mark DeVol of “You Can Bet On That” (Craps)
  • The Annoyed Pit Boss (stories from the other side of the table)
  • Jean Scott & Anthony Curtis (Las Vegas Advisor fame and Gambling authors)
  • Gil Alexander (sports betting)
  • Robin from “ (hey, wait – that’s me!)

Those just a few of the many great guests Vito has interviewed. With 100 episodes, the spread of important gambling topics has been no short of amazing.

New episodes come out every Thursday/Friday. How do you follow Cousin Vito?  Easy.  

Subscribe first, then you’ll have his podcast delivered free to you every week.  More? here’s from his website:

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So, Congratulations on 100 episodes. An awesome task.  As he always ends his podcast, Cousin Vito wants to help you “make luck happen!”



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  1. Christopher DiMauro says:

    I love listening to this podcast! You are very correct when you say it’s fun to listen to. I e learned while laughing. That’s pretty neat! Good on you to write this nice post congratulating them.


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