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www.888casino.com/blog, is operated by the world’s largest online gaming venue.  The 888 blog, also free to all, is relatively new but boasts an impressive lineup, including Henry Tamburin’s “Ultimate Blackjack Guide” and the AP Heat blog by gambling mathematician Eliot Jacobson, which analyzes ways that advantage players can attack a variety of games. The content gets updated frequently.”

Our friend John Grochowski writes for them. He recently reviewed 10 new slots that are new now in casinos, or are on their way to a casino near you.

John says, “Every year, hundreds of new slot machines are released to compete for the affections of players. New themes, new graphics, bonuses, and ways to play keep us coming back for more. It will be no different in 2018. Already, new games are making their way to casino floors. Here are 10 of the best that are sure to command players’ attention.

“10 New (And Awesome) Slot Games in 2018”




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