The Monday Link: The Lawyer For Serious Gamblers – Bob Nersesian

Today’s Monday link highlights one the best lawyers for gamblers known today.  According to,Bob Nersesian has dedicated many years of his life to studying gambling related laws in order to bring justice to card counters who have been treated poorly by the casinos of Las Vegas. Although he often finds himself representing professional blackjack players, he has helped out other types of players as well.”

When it comes to being backed-off, or back-roomed, or arrested needlessly – even cases when bodily harm has occurred by security or police officials – Bob has been able to use the law to right the wrongs committed.  My first experience hearing him answer questions was on the podcast “Gamblers with an Edge” by Bob Dancer & Richard Munchkin, which I highly recommend. Richard Munchkin said, “Bob has certainly affected the lives of professional gamblers all across the United States. The way casinos have changed the way they treat us is directly attributable to Bob. We still have a long way to go, but Bob will be leading the charge.” – a food, travel and entertainment site – posted the following article in 2016 about Mr. Nersesian. Writer Michael Kaplan, a journalist based in Brooklyn, is a senior features writer at the New York Post. His work has also appeared in DetailsWired, Playboy, and The New York Times Magazine. He covers gambling for Cigar Aficionado, and is the author of four books. NY. Follow him @kaplanwords.

It’s a long, but an extremely interesting article.  I hope you enjoy this week’s Monday Link


Also, Bob Nersesian’s book The Law for Gamblers: A Legal Guide to the Casino Environment provides anyone who sets foot in a casino easy access to understanding their rights. Additionally, the collection of case law and statutory points of view within is unparalleled in the rapidly expanding area of gaming law. It’s a must for any serious gambler.






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