The Monday Link – Inside the Art of Casino Cheating


Have you ever cheated at a casino? If you could cheat and get away with it, would you cheat at a casino?

For this week’s Monday Link, I have a short article by Robin Kawakami containing advice from two seasoned gambling veterans – Sal Piacente, Rick Blaine. These tips apply not only to cards, but also to real life — both for spotting cheating, and how to use the art of deception in situations like negotiating.  Interesting reading. Enjoy.


Inside the art of cheating: Tips from gambling experts Sal Piacente, Rick Blaine


Rick “Night-Train” Blaine

(From ALEA Consulting Group) “Rick Blaine has been an advantage player since the 1980s. While working as an executive in the financial industry, he taught himself how to play blackjack at an advantage as a card counter. After realizing some success as a solo player, Rick was recruited into team play, and eventually used his corporate talents to lead his own teams over time. He possesses strong leadership skills, a keen eye for recognizing talent, and the ability to develop talent. Over the years, Rick has learned other advanced playing methods (shuffle tracking, location play) and incorporated them into his playbook. He continued playing and organizing teams into the new millennium, while still progressing in his full-time career in the financial world. Taking a corporate approach to teams engaging in advantage play, Rick has introduced methods to maximize earning potential, while minimizing expenses. As author of one of the top-selling books on the subject, Blackjack Blueprint: How to Play Like a Pro … Part-Time,Rick has shared many of his methods in print.”

Sal “The Hit-Man” Piacente

(From “Sal Piacente is a very talented sleight-of-hand artist and an authority on Casino Game Protection. He began his career in the casino industry as a Blackjack dealer, which eventually led him to the Game Protection business. He has spent most of his career as a casino fraud investigator. In this capacity, he has not only taught others about cheating methods, but has also offered consultation on suspect play and game efficiency for many clients, providing essential education to casino personnel. His television appearances include Good Morning America, On the Inside: Casino Tech, and High Stakes: Bet Your Life On Vegas. Author of DVD set Poker Cheats Exposed discusses techniques, devices and psychology used by professional cheats.



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