Happy Cinco de Derby Day

Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo on the same day.  Which are you celebrating today?  How about both!

This post started out as just a means to satisfy my crazy thoughts about combining the two events. But, upon further review, I found it’s really a thing.  Please note – this is not intended to poke fun at any cultural traditions. It’s intent is to wonder what the combination would be like.

So, here are some real, and well rediculous, suggestions for Cinco de Derby……or is it Derby de Mayo?

The “Agave Julep” courtesy of Whiskey Riff

Serve “Margarita Mint Juleps”

Jimmy Fallon called it the “Super Bowl of Day Drinking.” So why not have a special drink for the “Big Race.”

Augustin Sosa to the rescue. This bartender at the Brown Hotel in Louisville whipped up a one-of-a-kind $1,500 “Agave Julep” – made with Patrón en LALIQUE: Serie 2 – the brand’s most expensive expression which retails for whopping $7,500 per bottle. A $1500 drink?  Ouch

But Wes Langeler from Whiskey Riff  has a recipe “for those of you (everybody) that’s looking for a drink they can actually afford.”

Recipe: Agave Julep


2 oz Patrón en Lalique: Serie 2 (regular Patrón is a little more my speed)
.5 oz Old Rip Van Winkle 25 years (or any bourbon you can find)
Floret of Chocolate Mint (I Googled this, it’s a real plant, regular mint is probably fine too)
3 drops of Chocolate Bitters (regular bitters is probably fine too)
3 Key Limes
1 hand-made sugar rose (skip that, unless you have one laying around from Valentine’s Day… it’s probably sill good idk)


1. Put the sugar on lime slices and light it on fire until it caramelizes. (Maybe just squeeze a little lime juice, unless you have a torch, then go crazy),

2. Use about 15 chocolate (regular) mint leaves in the cup, pull the caramel from the key limes and put in the cup, muddle into the caramel, stir with a spoon until the caramel dissolve and finally, pour the liquor in.

3. Fill the cup with the crushed ice and stir, add more ice if necessary and drop on a few dashes of chocolate (regular) bitters. Pop in a straw and down the hatch.

4. Repeat as necessary.

Other Ideas:


A Derby Sombrero Contest – how ornate can you make your Sombrero?

Kentucky Derby Piñata – inside are all Derby horses names folded and after it is opened, each person chooses one folded paper with the Derby’s horse name on it. Then follow the horse you get during the race. Prizes for win, place, show would include gift cards to Mexican restaurants.

Churchill Downs might consider two things:

Have the traditional “First Call” bugle fanfare call to post accompanied by a Mariachi Band.

Churchill Downs could change the color scheme of the winning garland of roses to red, white & green – run for the roses (red & white) and green chrysanthemums

For the foodies:

Bourbon- marinated pork tenderloin burrito

Country Biscuits with Spicy Mexican Beef (instead of Country Ham Biscuits)

Cheese grits with Jalapeno for a side dish

Chocolate- bourbon pecan pie with fried ice cream

Pecan Tequila Balls – Pecan Bourbon Balls are traditional ball-shaped, bourbon-flavored pecan cookies. These however would use Patron Chocolate Tequila instead…….mmmmmmm.

So, what ideas could you come up with?  Personally, I think the food ideas are pretty creative.

Happy Cinco de Derby Day!



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