Super Bowl Prop Bets 2018

Super Bowl Sunday is a week away. I always look forward to the food, the ads, the libations…..oh, yeah, there’s a football game, too!

Another great thing about the Super Bowl is the many “Prop Bets.”  What are prop bets you ask?  Prop bets, or “proposition bets” are bets made regarding the occurrence or non-occurrence during a game (usually a gambling game) of an event not directly affecting the game’s final outcome.

The "Fridge."

The “Fridge.”

Football Folklore tells us that prop bets got their start with the “fridge.”

No not the refrigerator containing all those delicious snacks and brews, but William Perry, lineman for the Chicago Bears, who was called “the fridge.”  As a lineman, it became quite a surprise to have him line up as fullback and run the ball for a TD, a played called by then Bears coach Mike Ditka during the regular season in 1985. It became the first major proposition bet in the Super Bowl that year if he was going to rush for a touchdown.  Thus the prop bet was born!   Nowadays, prop bets may account for as much as 40% of the $100 million wagered on Sunday’s Super Bowl.  I like to think there are two types – the silly, and serious.

Do you remember some of the silly ones from last year?  Here’s a few from the 2015 Super Bowl:

  • How many times will Peyton Manning say “Omaha” during the game?
  • Will Peyton Manning announce his retirement in the post-game interview?
  • What color will Beyonce’ be wearing on at the start of his halftime performance?

Yes, these are some of the things people bet on.  This year will be no different. William Hill sportsbook in Las Vegas released 948 Super Bowl LII prop bets this past weekend.

The following prop bets can be found at Bleacher Report, Sports Illustrated – Jimmy Traina, and Sporting News.

Will Pink sing over or under the two minute mark for the National Anthem?

And what will be the color of Pink’s hair is a line with the following options:

  • Pink/red plus-150
  • White/blond plus-175
  • Brown/black plus-400
  • Blue/purple plus-500
  • Green plus-500

Jersey number of first touchdown scorer – best odds are running back and wide receiver numbers.

What will be the first accepted penalty? Offside/encroachment/neutral zone /and holding are all 3/1. No penalty in game? 75/1

Will a player leave the game and not return due to concussion symptoms?

Will Tom Brady be wearing a bandage on his right hand?

Then, there are all sorts concerning the halftime show with Justin Timberlake

  • Will he first appears in head ware during halftime show
  • What will his first song be during halftime show?
  • How many songs will he sing?
  • Will any member of NSYNC make a halftime show appearance?

Others include:

  • How many times will word “Dilly” be said during broadcast?
  • Will Tom Brady’s jersey be stolen again?
  • And of course, there is one of the oldest props bets we see every year – Color of liquid thrown on winning coach

Of course, there are many serious game related prop bets, like score, total yards, total scores, passing yards, MVP, etc….

But, you gotta giggle when someone makes a bet saying, “$100 on the over for the number of Bud commercials televised – opening kick to last second.”

I say “Dilly, dilly!”