New Slot Machines, Part 1 – 5 Latest Licensed/Themed

While casino owners try to figure out how to get younger players gambling in their properties, a lot of attention is still turning to the current evolution of non-skill slot machines. Older machines are remade into different versions, like all those Buffalo slots, new models are still being produced, even with the casino industry’s lament over slot revenue decrease.

One thing they tend to forget – playing slots that don’t suck the bankroll’s life out of you quicker and quicker won’t bring more players!  And all the other fees introduced with less connection to the players expectations won’t bring players knocking down the casino’s doors either – but that’s another topic for another day.

Today we take a brief look at the Licensed / Theme Slot Machines newest slot machines you can find now in casinos across the country. These games feature licenses from famous movies, video games, television shows and comics, allowing you to enjoy your favorite franchises while playing.

Is it big business? – you bet!  Players tend to gravitate to licensed slots that incorporate the theme of a favorite TV show or movie. Eriq Gardner from the Hollywood Insider explains. “Ever since a Wheel of Fortune slot machine took the industry by storm two decades ago, manufacturers have been gravitating to licensed properties. That’s meant bonus income for Hollywood studios (and the stars, who get a piece of the action if their faces are used) that can range from $1 million to $20 million, says gaming analyst Todd Eilers. In all, casino gaming manufacturers spend up to $200 million annually to land rights to popular brands like The Big Bang Theory and The Simpsons because a recognizable image can make all the difference on a casino floor.”  He continues “…..Beyond royalty payments (even a contract that grants a few dollars per machine per day can translate to six figures annually for popular games), stars also benefit from a promotional boost. The licensing agent calls it “revenue-generating brand awareness,” particularly for personalities that have a presence in Las Vegas, like Britney Spears, Celine Dion and Cirque du Soleil (who all have branded games on the Strip): “Anyone with a Vegas residency needs to get into the space because there’s a natural association. How many people walk by a game and are reminded, ‘Oh yeah, I do want to see a Cirque show’? It’s not just free advertising — it’s advertising that someone’s paying you for.”

The Latest Licensed Slots

The Mariah Carey video slot is a five-reel casino slot machine with one of the brightest cabinet displays on the gaming floor. The whole machine is decked out in a purple and neon blue color scheme designed to attract attention. You’ll also get to enjoy plenty of her songs during play, with various videos of her performances appearing during special features. Carey fans will probably enjoy, but if she turns your stomach, this probably isn’t for you.  For all the fanfare, this should be a quick visitor to the casino floor.

Elvira – Aristocrat helps to celebrate Elvira’s 35 years as America’s favorite sultry but spooky icon. This is a high volatility game with seven possible bonuses, including rolling reels, the “Boob Tube Pick Bonus,” “Elvira’s Big Wheels,” and Double D Vision 3 with jiggling boobs as the symbols stop. Full of innuendo, it’s fun but isn’t good for a long play – even though it has many “entertaining” features.

National Lampoon’s Vacation, made by Scientific Gaming, features the comical characters and hilarious footage from the comedy about the classic American family road trip. Included in this game are a host of comical and engaging game features such as a wheel bonus which awards credits, a 2x multiplier or sends the player on an adventure into the Walley World free spins feature or the Griswold family vacation bonus. The vacation bonus awards credit prizes or the opportunity to play one of six bonus games, such as the vibrating bed bonus, skinny dipping bonus, jump the rail bonus and the auto bonus, all based on signature funny scenes in the movie.  This slot machine seems to be a lot of fun and should be a hit on the casino floor.

Three Amigos & Three Amigos Ride Again is an entertaining new game based on the 1986 hit American comedy, The Three Amigos!, featuring the hilarious characters—Lucky Day, Dusty Bottoms and Ned Nederlander. made by Ainsworth, the latest version “Rides Again” slot includes eight free games with multipliers, reveal symbols and retriggers. At the beginning of the free games, five wheels spin to reveal a feature enhancement. The game also has 10 free games with multipliers and held wilds with bonus retriggers as well as a Progressive Piñata feature.  Max bet will access the progressive jackpots.

Sienfeld – Five HD video screens, wide-area progressive, numerous bonus features such as the Soup Nazi, and the Festivus Bonus which uses IGT’s Motion Gesture Technology, first seen in the Willy Wonka machines of the same cabinet.  Featuring the four main characters of the sitcom, it looks like a lot of fun.


AINSWORTH GAME TECHNOLOGY – King Kong, King Kong Skull Island, The Magnificent Seven Reloaded.

ARISTOCRAT TECHNOLOGIES – Tim McGraw, Game of Thrones II, The Big Lebowski, The X Files, Candy Land, My Cousin Vinny

EVERI HOLDINGS – Penn & Teller, Casablanca, Underdog, Casper the Friendly Ghost,

GAMECO – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

IGT – The Voice, The Ellen DeGeneres Show Sharing the Love, The Goonies,  Baywatch 3D, Betty White.

SCIENTIFIC GAMES – The Bachelor, The Godfather, Johnny Cash



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