ZorkFest AC Was A Blast!

ZorkFest in Atlantic City.

The Atlantic City shore.

It was a wonderful weekend in New Jersey. So informative, with the friendliest group of people I’ve ever met.  Let me share the many great times we enjoyed.

First of all, I was so surprised to hear that so many people knew of NETimeGambling. I had no idea our little website wasn’t as small after all. (It brings a smile to me inside and out.)  The people I met were friendly, accepting and brilliant in the fields of gaming, Casino Rewards, and Travel Reward programs.  Everyone was so respectful, each with a little eccentricity and nerdy interest in these fields, and so many with expert knowledge.  I learned so much that my brain hurt (but in a good way).

Michael Trager and the TravelZork Team.

The man with a vision, Michael Trager

Eric, Coach Kitty, Angeline, Seth, David, Jeff……what a team.  This maiden voyage of ZorkFest was so well run and offered incredible classes, that many of the gambling enthusiasts didn’t even leave to play in the Bally’s AC casino! Michael Trager’s vision of the event paid off. His hospitality, generosity and expertise made it wonderful success. The quality of every session at ZorkFest was unbelievable. For those who weren’t able to attend, or chose not to, the good news is that ZorkFest 2018 is already being planned.

By the way, I won a Diamond Caesar’s Entertainment Players Card!  I was able to check out the Diamond lounge three times. It was a large area full of tables, free food and drinks, small fireplaces, great design with floor to wall windows with a beautiful view of the boardwalk, beach and Atlantic City ocean view.  The bar was almost as long as the “LongBar” at the D in downtown Las Vegas. Thank you TravelZork. Other perks included free valet parking, pass lines, and an immediate appreciation by the Bally’s staff.  Wow, it felt great.

Bally’ Atlantic City

Bally’s AC – it had been over five years since visiting Bally’s, never mind staying over.  The room in the Dennis Hotel was spacious clean, and met all our needs. I would stay there again – comped of course.

Bally’s Casino – the casino seemed completely different from the old boardwalk casino I would play very little in.  It was kinda dumpy, but now has a fresh look, with lots of new machines, a brighter tables area, and a more modern feel. My first attempt to gamble was Friday afternoon at Lobby Bar.  I didn’t stay long, since the pay tables were terrible.  I assumed that Video Poker was bad throughout the property.  Thanks to CoachKitty from the TravelZork Team for leading me to full-pay Jacks or Better.  There was also full-pay bonus poker on a Triple Play progressive (both at the quarter level).  Thanks to vpFree2 for the information on full-pay denominations and locations in the casino.

It All Came Down To The Peeps

I met so many players, podcasters, and professionals interested in certain aspects or areas of the gaming and travel industry that I felt blessed to be there.

Cousin Vito, our MC.

Cousin Vito – our MC fit the bill. The voice and owner of the best new gambling podcast for the recreational gambler, Cousin Vito Casino Podcast, did a great job starting us off.  Bravo!  And having quality time with his sidekick Cousin Mikey and Mrs. Cousin Vito (Amanda) made a true trifecta of fun.

Tony Snyder – from the 360Vegas podcast, was as entertaining as he is on the show.  Although he had a tough battle with a bull in Bally’s Wild Wild West, he still provided a great time.  Thanks for the “cee-gar” Tony.  I brought the rest of it home.  Is there such a thing as bronzing a cigar?

Tony Snyder, of 360Vegas podcast.

Craig was there from Atlantic City’s own podcast “Due For A Win.”  I’m sure he will have coverage of the event on his (and the other host Kyle’s) next podcast.  It was great meeting the guy behind the mic of a great podcast.

Jullian of the new VegasConfessions podcast was visiting the east cast from Vegas. Thanks Jullian for the upcoming documentary of ZorkFest I.  Your video will prove valuable to all of who attended this year when we view it in your suite in Vegas five years from now.

To Phil, Jay, Bryan, Amanda and Luke – great meeting you. I’m glad to have made some new friends.

Eric Rosenthal knows Caesars Total Rewards inside and out.

Eric Rosenthal – you are the most knowledgeable Rewards person I have ever known.  Your sessions were so interesting and thought provoking that it has changed my view of comps at gaming establishments forever.

Finally, Michael Trager – the most fascinating world traveler I ever met.  Your interest and effort in producing an outstanding event such as ZorkFest, to accompany the website TravelZork, Is greatly appreciated. You made a new and exciting event that will double and triple in the coming years.  Thank-you for the idea and the perseverance to make it a tremendous success.

Binbin415 from NETimeGambling.com

Curtain Call – an Explanation for Those Who Had No Clue What This Post Was About

If you read the entire post, and still don’t understand, then you must plan to attend next year. December possibly, and maybe in Las Vegas. ZorkFest features sessions on the combination of two worlds – travel Rewards (hotel, airlines, etc), the gaming industry, and the connections between both.

So, I will just say to all of you who didn’t attend this year

“see you at ZorkFest 2018”





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