2 Casino Games To Make Your Group’s Celebration More Fun

A group party at the Craps table.

Whether it’s an adult birthday, a bachelor or bride-to-be party, or a special night out with your friends, sometimes just letting loose in the casino without a plan just doesn’t cut it.  When a group is celebrating at the casino, sometimes, they have to make the fun themselves, or at least embellish it.  Whatever plans you make, the larger the casino means the more opportunities for crazy activities.

A few months ago, my wife and I were speaking to friends of ours at one of our favorite watering holes – the Mohegan Sun Racebook. Our friend Pam was telling us about a “girls night” at the casino she had planned. It seems that girls night out at the casino has gained popularity over the years. And when it comes to pre-wedding and birthday celebrations, the local casino offers a great time.

Bar crawls, adult productions, and taking part in amenities such as the spa are commonplace but successful activities. Maybe finding free table game instruction as a group, or play table games like craps is what you like. But I have two different activities that you may love to try.

Casino Scavenger Hunt

One casino party activity she put together that I thought was rather creative and fun was the “Casino Scavenger Hunt.”  This is really great to use with casino “newbies.”  Groups separate into teams. Then go about the casino finding everything on the list – some easy, some hard. Of course, pairing this with a bar crawl isn’t a bad idea either. This particular scavenger hunt list included:

  • Slot Machine with a dragon on it
  • Someone smoking a cigar
  • A menu with the word TUNA in it
  • Someone hitting a handpay jackpot
  • A bride to be
  • Three napkins from 3 places where you had a drink
  • Waitress with nothing but water on her tray
  • A guy with a beard
  • a red bra
  • The number 23 showing on the roulette screen as being hit
  • and more

They had fun not only finding everything, but competed to be first to find all.  Then discussing what they saw and experienced was even more hilarious.

Slot Races

One of the podcasts I listen to is 360Vegas Podcast, with Mark, Keren, & Tony.  It’s a great podcast, opinionated, and downright risque at times.  The hosts have a lot of fun producng this great podcast enhanced with pics that accompany the many Las Vegas and gambling topics they discuss.

Twice a year now, they have a get-together in Las Vegas called 360VegasVacation.  One of their best activities is called Slot Races.  The minute I heard about it, I knew it would be a great activity for these types of celebrations.  Here’s how it works, directly from Mark himself:

Slot Races

  • Need multiple 3 reel, one-arm bandit slot machines with bet 1 button
  • Everyone agrees to put the same amount in, say $20
  • The first to lose it all calls out they are done, at that time the other players cash out and give what they didn’t lose to the person who lost it all first


  • Must hit the bet 1 credit button 3 times (to get it to max bet), then pulled the handled.
    • Can’t hit the max bet button
  • Jackpot Exemption
    • Since the game requires you to play max bet, there is a chance someone could win a large jackpot.  In those cases, we made the following rule.
    • Anyone give up at anytime before the winner is declared.  Doing so will require you to give the entire buy in amount to whoever wins.

Special thanks to 360Vegas for sharing their fun idea. Try either one to make an ordinary night even better.  These activities don’t even need a special celebration, and can take up time without spending a lot of money.

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