What NETimeGambling is Thankful For

It’s that time again that we realize the joy that surrounds us the many things we should be thankful for.  At NETimeGambling, my staff and I are thankful for the following:

For 5 years of passionately serving New Englanders, New Yorkers, and gamblers from all over with news and content that people can enjoy.  We are so blessed to have grown every year, and can’t wait for our 6th year.

For the many followers that have noticed us, and enjoyed our content.  Every comment gives us more a reason to do it.

For the new and old friends from the blog & podcast world that have helped us grow, such as:

  • You Can Bet On That podcast – the #1 podcast for the recreational gambler. Mark DeVol and Dr. Mike, you guys rock!
  • Michael Treger & TravelZork – a website of great writers about gambling & tourism
  • 500 Hundy by Midnight – What can I say but thanks to Tim & Michele Dressen Las Vegas podcast for inspiring me from the very beginning
  • Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast – our new friends from down the road –  one of the new and entertaining recreational gambling podcasts
  • John Grochowski – the casino answer man, who is never too busy to answer a question we might have and help NETGJohn Grochowski - the Casino Answer Man
  • Finally, Joe Freda at ReloadSports – Joe, you have followed us for 5 years and even guest posted for us.  Your support has always helped.

For the fact that 6/5 blackjack hasn’t made it to New England Casinos yet!

For the new MGM Springfield & Wynn Boston Harbor – two casino resorts that will add excitement to casino coverage.

And for the 7 casinos now in business for the many gambling, dining & entertainment events to cover. 

Wynn EWynn Boston Harbor Everett, Massverett Resort Everett, Mass

Wynn Boston Harbor Everett, Mass

MGM Springfield

MGM Springfield

There must be more, but I’ll stop there.  It’s been a great year at NETG.

From our family to yours, we wish you the very best Thanksgiving.  And if you’re going to the casino later today, good luck.