PAC-MAN Battle Casino Slot – Back to the Future

What’s new is old and what’s old is new again.  To try to get the millenials into the casino, the gaming industry is trying everything and  anything, including bringing PacMan back to a whole new generation of gamblers.

Gamblit vending areas at G2E in Las Vegas 2017

Skill-gaming pioneers Gamblit and Japan’s Bandai Namco, who owns the rights to the legendary arcade game character, have bonded together to bring PacMan to the casino floor.  After a very successful unveiling at the G2E this past week, it is scheduled to be rolled out to casinos in early 2018 in the latest bid to woo millennials with the joys of skill-based gambling.

PAC-MAN Battle Casino pits two to four players for against each other to play for cash prizes, while employing a similar financial and mathematical model to traditional slots.  It cannot be played alone, which is one point against. Unlike slots, however, Gamblit games are designed to be sociable and more in tune with the games the millennial generation likes to play.  This game looks like a new age coffee table.

Gamblit’s PacMan

According to, “What makes Battle Casino unique is that it’s one of the first instances of skill-based video game gambling. While slot machines have adopted video displays, they’re still mainly games of chance. Success in Battle Casino is entirely dependent on one’s skill as a Pac-Man player.” Based on what we already know about this new player-versus-player gambling machine, will it lead the 20-somethings into the casino, or will it entice the already gambling baby-boomers. Time will tell. continues, “The player’s job of controlling Pac-Man has not changed, either. That yellow, 2D circle must be maneuvered around the classic game board, chomping on dots and evading those vibrant, computer-driven ghosts. Delectable fruits appear center stage to boost a player’s score, while swallowing up a power berry allows Pac-Man to gobble up his spectral rivals.”

Pac-Man Skill Gambling Game

Courtesy of Gamblit &

So, do you think you’ve still got what it takes to devour dots, berries and ghosts better than your friends. Are you good enough to take home the cash pot?

I guess we’ll have to wait until next year to find out.  In the mean time, try iGaming’s Asteroids in Mohegan Sun or Pharaoh’s Secret Temple and Nothin’ but Net at Foxwoods by GameCo.



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