Gambling Podcasts News – VegasFanBoy, TravelZork & Cousin Vito

I love to listen to podcasts.  Podcasts about blogging, podcasts about gambling, podcasts about relaxation & meditation.  You name the topic, and there’s a podcast for you to listen to, no matter what your passion is.

If you take a look at our friends and resources in the sidebar, you will notice many related resources, many of which are podcasts. But how do you find the best?  Simple – start with our links and just click on their title, that may be all you need.


VegasFanBoy Calls It Quits, created to reach out to budget conscious travelers, Vegas fanatics, and self-acknowledged “low-rollers,” is hanging up the microphone.  I can’t say enough about Adam’s podcast, and many will truly miss his personal, comedic, and non-pretentious episodes. His episodes will still be available to listen to, and the website will continue up as well. One of my favorite episodes was a recent one Episode #76 – Vegas Dives With F’nA. After visiting Las Vegas for over twenty years, he still brought new ideas and suggestions, as seen in #76.  I highly recommend listening to his podcast.  Adam, even way out here in New England, your perspective will be truly be missed. Good luck in your next project.

TravelZork Adds Podcast

A new resource has been added to our sidebar.  Our new friends at TravelZork,com. who recently featured yours truly and NETimeGambling (click HERE) is not just your every day travel site. All of the “Zorks” (the team of experts) possess an individual, personal, and passionate touch that brings the best travel and Vegas information and resources to the web and beyond. The new addition is a daily chat about casinos, luxury travel, Las Vegas, and gambling with a focus on experiences. #PaxEx (Passenger Experience) and #CasinoEx (Casino Experience) are major areas of conversation and exploration – and it never exceeds 9 minutes!  C’mon, you’ve got 9 minutes in your day to spend listening to important topics for your casino, Vegas, hotel, travel, plans?  There is so much to this website, that it’s impossible to cover it all in one paragraph.  So, what are you waiting for?  Click above and check it out!

Vito Begins Season 4

Yup, Cousin Vito is at it again.  Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast has exploded on the casino podcast scene. I must admit, in his first few episodes, I wondered “who is this guy?” and “is this “Shtick” real?  Well, this is the most improved, informative, and fun podcast to date.  Talk about learning curve!  This is a fun website with tons of information and entertaining guests.  Episode 4 adds a co-host, his cousin Mikey. This is the real deal.  Vito is a passionate guy about gambling, and as just as passionate about bringing it to you, the listener. Check out a more in-depth post from us “Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast.”


Podcasts – who’da thunk I’d be listening to other people talking to me on my way to work. I love it.  After teaching, playing, and performing music all day, I need a break, or something that makes me smile driving on I-95 every day!  I hope you end up enjoying our sidebar links as much as I do.

That’s all for now.  It’s off to the Mohegan Sun Food Truck Festival.