Shipyard Brewery Beer Dinner at Twin River Casino – A Staff Review

Our guest dining review today is written by our RI correspondent, Miguel.  While Bert & Bin were checking out Kenny G and George Benson at Mohegan Sun, Miguel and Co. were enjoying this fabulous event at Shipyard Brewpub.  Here is what he had to say.

Thursday night some friends and I decided to check out the Beer Dinner being hosted at Shipyard Pub at Twin River.  5 beers, 4 courses only $35/pp (or $65 for 2) how could you go wrong?

Right off the top I’ll tell you this was a great event and I certainly look forward to attending future beer dinners – including the one they’re planning to have this fall (can you say Pumpkinhead??)

Shipyard Brewpub, Twin River Casino

For anyone who doesn’t know, Shipyard Pub isn’t set up as a traditional restaurant/bar.  Located on the 2nd floor (non-smoking yeah!!!) of Twin River nestled between the Poker area and slot machines.  The bar is U-shaped and probably seats about 30 people and the outer left and right sides lined with high top tables.  Above the bar on both sides are 4-5 large screen tv’s usually simulcasting dog races, on this night it was MLB and NFL games.

Two of the beers being sampled that night from a new partnership Shipyard has formed with Tiesta Tea. (  This is not a take on Twisted Tea or any of the “Hard” beverages being spun out these days.  Shipyard takes the Tiesta loose leaf tea and cold steeps it for 24 hours and then infuses it into their wheat ale.  In each 12-16 oz serving of the beer, you get a cup of tea!  Sounds like my mornings have a new tradition!  This is a new venture for Shipyard born out of the trends toward healthier options, away from coffee and to appeal to millennials.  Right now both of the tea brews (reviewed below) are available in stores, they are hoping to have them available in draft in the October timeframe.  This will also become a year round offering from Shipyard as we move into 2018!

When we arrived, there really wasn’t much signage or fanfare indicating there was actually an event going on other then what was written on the daily menu board.  We were greeted immediately and seated at the bar which was great from a comfort perspective, but a little challenging from a conversation perspective.  Luckily there were only 3 of us so it wasn’t too bad.

Right away we were offered our first beer of the night, one of the new tea infused offering by Shipyard – Shipyard Maui Mango.  To my amazement, these were not little tastings – each beer was served in (I’d guess) a 12oz glass.  Not being a huge mango fan I wasn’t sure how I’d like this but the mix of the wheat ale and herbal tea, with the freshness and a hint of tart from the mango – it was quite enjoyable.  All 3 of us gave it a thumbs up while we settled in, enjoyed our first beer and waited for our first course.

The food was spot on from the first course!  Served on individual wooden cutting boards we were presented a Buffalo Cauliflower Steak.  I knew one thing for sure going into the event – I am NOT a cauliflower fan – never have been.  Don’t tell my mom that she was right all those years, but this dish was AMAZING!  About an inch thick cauliflower steak drizzled with ranch dressing on the right, buffalo sauce on the left side and bleu cheese crumbles.  Let me say it again – AMAZING!  This course was paired with Shipyard Summer Ale – another light tasting and refreshing beer with citrus and fruity flavors.

Everything moved at a very comfortable pace, we never felt rushed or like we were waiting for the next pairing.

The second course was another culinary masterpiece!  Beet stacks layered with goat cheese and grape tomatoes, drizzled with a rich balsamic glaze and walnuts.  Again this course exceeded my expectations and tasted as good as it looked.  This course was paired with the beer I was most looking forward to (just by name), Shipyard Fireberry – which was the 2nd of the tea infused beers of the night.  This beer had a subtle berry hint to it and you could definitely pick up the tea influence.  Light and clean!

The third course was the main entrée – an ale infused cheddar and shaved steak Panini.  The Panini was wonderful and also included some caramelized onions and a side of harvest root chips – sweet potatoes, parsnips, etc…   This course was another success – the steak was done just right, the bread was fresh and soft and the chips were a guilt free side!  Paired with the Panini was the Shipyard Export, sadly my least favorite beer of the night.  We all felt it was a bit heavy and had more of a bitter taste than our liking.  Not a bad beer by any means – just not our preference.

What dinner is complete without dessert??  And out came our fourth course!  Presentation was on point and the flavor of each dessert was right on par! Corn meal cranberry almond biscotti (I could have eaten 20 of them), yogurt panna cotta and a house granola with cherry mousse.  I’m not a fan of cherry, but both of my friends said it was delicious.    This was paired with the Shipyard Seadog Sunfish  which was a clean and refreshing way to end the night!

As each course was coming out, representatives from Shipyard and the kitchen came out and gave us a little back story on what we were being served and kept engaged with the crowd.  As dessert was being served, they also did several raffles for pint glasses, Shipyard swag and more.

The entire staff was amazing, very attentive and made sure everyone had a great experience.  Above all, the entire staff truly seemed happy to be at the event and see the crowd that showed up.  It sounded like this was the 3rd or 4th Beer Dinner they’ve hosted and said the event continues to grow.  I’d estimate there were 60-65 people attending this event.  As mentioned earlier, they are planning the next one for the fall.

I’d highly recommend following Shipyard on social media (links below) to stay connected and find out when their future events are.  Product, price, quality and service were all you could want!

Cashing out for now…Miguel









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