NETime Gambling – Weekly Posts You Missed 4/9/17

Week three of our new Sunday series

“Weekly Posts You Missed”.  

As you open the paper, check your email, and relax with your cup of “joe,” let your Sunday morning ritual include checking our past week’s posts.  We at NETime Gambling will include recent posts, spiced up with pics, humor or thoughts for the day – oh, my!


Monday – MGM, Massachusetts, Provide Answers to Connecticut’s Casino Mess

Monday – MGM Springfield Sets Topping-Off Ceremony Today

David Collins, staff writer for the New London Day, wrote an OP-ED piece called “Can the tribes outmaneuver MGM?” Why did it get my blood boiling? – because he spewed a lot of correct view points, leading me down a different path of thinking.

Tuesday – New England Casino Entertainment in April

 Easter Dining at New England Casinos

Wednesday – Gambling Books – Must Read Recommendations From “Due For A Win” Podcast Facebook Group

……Their Facebook group, which I also recommend, is a wealth of knowledge for the AC newbie and the AC regular.  The following recommended list is from a member of the “Due For A Win” Facebook Community.  With his permission (he only wants to be known as @Scan720 , here they are.

For the School Break & Easter…….

Friday – Foxwoods Kids Week & 15 of the Best Family Attractions In & Around New England’s Casinos

Saturday – 15 Ways to Improve Your Slot Machine Etiquette

As with most behavior in public spaces, behaving properly usually helps provide a better experience for you and for those around you.  No where in the casino could that be true than the winding rows of slot machines…….


Are”Dave & Busters” the unknowing conduit for children & millennials to casino gambling?  Maybe arcades should offer free drinks and charge for parking, too.


May the Fours, with a kicker, be with you! – Binbin