NETime Gambling – Weekly Posts You Might Have Missed 4/2/17

Week two of our new series on Sundays.  As you open the paper, check your email, and relax with your cup of “joe,” let your Sunday morning ritual include checking our past week’s posts.  Did you miss some key promotions?  Some interesting gambling news in New England? Some great tips for your own personal gambling?

Every Sunday, the staff at NETime Gambling will look back at the previous week’s posts.  I might include some pics or humor or thoughts for the day – whatever seem’s to “float my boat” for that day.


Monday – Casino Saturation In The Northeast 2017

At one point, I was beginning to believe the number of possible casinos in New England may indeed saturate the region. In case you haven’t been following, here are the number of casinos by state now in 2017 from Maryland to Maine:

Tuesday – MGM Springfield Sets Topping-Off Ceremony Today

…. state and local officials will gather for a topping off ceremony downtown. The ceremony will top off what will become the hotel rotunda along Main Street. The Massachusetts Gaming Commissioner will also be in Springfield to celebrate this phase in the hotel construction.

Wednesday – Casino Trickery or Irresponsible Players?

Doesn’t the responsibility on which games to gamble on rest on the shoulders of the gambler? YES!


Are people really so lazy that they can’t look at the lights outside the elevator?  We can’t figure out that the top light means “going up” instead of asking that favorite question “Is this going up or down?” I don’t answer anymore…..if it goes up instead of you wanting it to go down, maybe you need the extra time to learn from the experience.  Grrrr…….


Wife – “Where the heck have you been?”

Husband(entering house) – “Sorry, I lost you in a poker game, you’ll have to leave.”

Wife – “How’d you do that?”

Husband – “It wasn’t easy, I had to fold with a Royal Flush!”


Have a great week. – Binbin