Foxwoods 25th Anniversary – Part 1- The Path To The Top

Foxwoods, Holiday Season

Foxwoods at night

25 years in operation!  25 years as one of the largest Casino Resorts in the world.  At  one time, it was the largest casino in the country. Winstar, in Oklahoma, is now the largest casino in the country, but Foxwoods is the largest Casino/Resort in sq footage.  Check out our related post comparing the two mega-casinos here Foxwoods or WinStar World – Largest Casino in America? Does Size Matter

Foxwoods Full Size

Foxwoods Massive size, before the addition of the Tanger Outlets.

But this isn’t about comparisons.  It’s about a tribe and their survival. The Pequots battled to keep their land after the Pequot War & massacre. In 1774, a Colonial census indicated that there were 151 tribal members in residence at Mashantucket. By the early 1800s, there were between 30 and 40 as members moved away from the reservation seeking work. As for the remaining land in Connecticut, by 1856 illegal land sales had reduced the 989-acre reservation to 213 acres.New England Pequot war

So how did this now small tribe get to share a point atop the highest tier of American gaming giants? It all started in the 1980’s. when land claims were a concern with the state. Many tend to forget that the Western Pequots were busy trying to make a living actively engaged in a number of economic enterprises, including the sale of cord wood, maple syrup, and garden vegetables, a swine project and the opening of a hydroponic greenhouse. Once the land claims were settled, the Tribe purchased and operated a restaurant, and established a sand and gravel business.

The finished 3600 seat Bingo Hall was the keystone that the World's largest casino would be built around

The finished 3600 seat Bingo Hall was the keystone that the World’s largest casino would be built around

But it was that 5-letter word that really improved the stability of the tribe – BINGO.  In 1986, the Tribe opened its bingo operation, followed, in 1992, by the establishment of the first phase of Foxwoods Resort Casino.

25 years!  Foxwoods has evolved into the “Wonder of It All.”

  • Over 4500 Slots / Over 300 Table Games
  • 4 Hotels / 2266 Hotel Rooms / 2 Spas
  • 323,376 Square Feet of Casino Space
  • Over 35 Restaurants, 6 Night Clubs, 5 Large Entertainment Venues
  • And the list goes on……..

Tomorrow, we will post the special events Foxwoods will be offering to celebrate this milestone with all of their patrons.  Happy Anniversary, Foxwoods!