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2017 NEW ENGLAND CASINO AWARDSnetime-logo NECAStart thinking and get ready to rate New England’s Casinos!

This is the time of year that awards are given out.  The Casino industry is no different. Its “best awards” are handed out nationally – for example, Casino Player gives awards for every area of the country, including tribal casinos.

Casino regions in the country also give out awards. One of the best ratings for anyone who frequents Las Vegas is a website and podcast by VegasTripping, an unbelievably honest and insightful group who includes a popular vote and the editors’ choices. Their VT awards include the best AND the worst, something most don’t include. Their staggering amount of categories (hotels, dining, entertainment, gambling) represents what’s happening with the on-Strip, off-Strip, and Downtown casinos. The “Trippies” also cover Technology, podcasts, pet peeves, news of the year….well, you get it.  If there’s something to cover in and about Las Vegas, VegasTripping does it, and has done it well for years.

So, I figured, why not the best in New England?  In a few years, we may double the number of casinos with the likes of Wynn and MGM, so why no start the

New England Casino Awards

or the



And who better to start the first New England Casino Awards than the only  website for comprehensive coverage of New England’s Casinos than your very own

N.E.Time Gambling

The format will be smaller, of course.  Our first go at it last year was a big surprise with the number people who voted. We will follow a similar format of Popular Vote & Editors Choices, following VT’s inspiration. The seven casinos and their nominated locations in Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut & Rhode Island will be considered in the following categories:



     Best Bar

     Best Night Club / Lounge


     Best Dining Options

     Best Dining Value

     Best Buffet 


    Best Small Venue for Entertainment

    Best Large Venue for Entertainment


     Best Casino Slots / Video Poker

     Best Casino Table Games

     Best Casino Players Club

     Best Casino You Feel the Luckiest In 

Honorable Mention – a chance to write in a favorite:

     Write in Favorite Slot

     Write in Favorite Restaurant / Place to Eat

     Write in Favorite Bar / Place for a Drink


So, get ready to vote next week, starting Tuesday and ending Friday.  Please vote only once – we have ways to know if you don’t!