Being More Careful with your Players Card is just one of the things to be careful with in the casino
Being More Careful with your Players Card is just one of the things to be careful with in the casino

Start the New Year with a new awareness of your surroundings in the casino.

Foxwoods Entrance
Foxwoods Entrance

For example, be careful with your rewards cards at every casino!  In 2012. a man was involved In a $90,000 Foxwoods Slot Scam Foxwoods Security began investigating when a female patron complained in September that $150 worth of bonus slot play had already been redeemed from her Foxwoods Rewards Account.
Casino officials learned the account was accessed a few days earlier at a particular slot machine and reviewed surveillance video showing someone other than herself using the card at the machine.

images (3)The man, later identified , said he and about seven others had been picking up Rewards Cards off the gaming floor daily. Slot machine players often leave their cards behind inadvertently. Those involved said that using the player names, they accessed Internet sites and obtained personal information about the players in an effort to discover their Personal Identification Numbers. He said passwords often were:

  • the last four numbers of the patron’s birth date
  • the last four numbers of their Social Security numbers or
  • a simple numerical pattern such as 1234.

This happens in every casino – even the best casinos! Be aware that many there are people who frequent casinos for criminal intent.   Make another 2017 Casino Resolution – be aware, be careful, and be safe.

Red Rock Resort Casino
Red Rock Resort Casino

An incident a 5 years ago in Las Vegas at the Red Rock Resort (my favorite off-Strip Las Vegas site) made me very aware when a $400 ticket was stolen from me in seconds out of my machine as looked around for restrooms. It took only an hour for security to find the guy and return my money. But security mentioned that many people visit a casino to take advantage of distracted patrons , not gambling what so ever.

Words of advice:

  • Make your password difficult – 1234?   REALLY?
  • First, when I sit, my card goes in and I make sure it registers my name and accepts my card before I start playing.  PLEASE NOTE – on most slot and VP machines, inserting money and your card together or immediately after each other, will cause the card to be ignored.  Until the machine processes the card or the money, you must wait for the other step to be done.
  • After two pulls, I check if my card is inserted & reading.  I can’t tell you how many times, especially on a points multipliers day, that I have made players aware that their card needed to re-entered.
  • Make a habit of your “leaving the machine ritual.” Personally, when I hit collect, I take my card before I stand, and then my hand goes directly to receive my ticket. Then I check – card, ticket, phone, purse, (well for the women anyway), drinks/water then I leave. Count how many things you bring to the machine, and take inventory each time you leave, holding your hand where the ticket comes out!
  • Women, keep purses around you.  Never put in between machines or next to a group of machines.  Scams often work in pairs and a quick distraction goes very quickly.
  • If I need to use my pin at an ATM, I cover the numbers much as I put in the numbers. Paranoia? I think not. It only has to happen once before you become more careful.

That’s all for now.