Las Vegas – No Christmas Cheer, Just More Scrooge

Please note the personal disclosure at the bottom of this post.  It explains a lot.scrooge      Bah Humbug! That’s what I am increasingly SEEING ON THE Las Vegas Strip!

Oh, I get it.  The “suits” in Vegas are going to raise prices as the market dictates.

Oh, I understand – things change, blah, blah, blah…..but it doesn’t mean I have to bend over and take it without a rant or two!

Jim Murren and MGM Resorts

Jim Murren & MGM Resorts, who started the paying to park theme.

I would like to thank MGM, Caesars, and all the other Casinos to follow with the policy of picking your visitor’s pockets as much as you can. It has given me the rage to step back and look at the situation.  Here in New England, we have casinos for every desire – even two (three,   counting the future Wynn Boston Harbor) that rival anything on the strip, without the fees, free drinks, 5 star dining, enough “oonze” and clubs to get your groove on, fantastic entertainment, including that offered in the Mohegan Sun’s “Arena of the Year” the last five out of eight years AND free self & valet parking.  You can visit Foxwoods & Mohegan Sun in a few years when you want to remember what the Vegas Strip used to be like.  Hell, within the 6 hours it takes to get to Vegas (and that’s a non-stop) I can drive to AC, New York’s Turning Stone, even a little farther to Maryland Live!, let alone the seven casinos in New England.

Caesars EntertainmentThis week it was reported that Caesars will now charge for parking, and now Cosmopolitan, after MGM CEO businessman (he’s no gambling buddy) Jim “PGP” Murren started this whole mess earlier this year, saying other cities charge for parking and it would provide his guests with a better experience.  Bull*&$%!

Now, all the other Strip properties will charge for parking, eventually even the malls, single restaurants, etc……right down the line because people will park where it’s free – even at the 7-Eleven. Why? Because there won’t be enough parking for their own guests with everyone trying to skirt around the issue of paying for parking – paying even if they are staying as a guest!

Don’t you Vegas “nerds” and “fanatics” realize that you pay for free parking with the “house edge” already?  Other cities’ parking garages don’t have casinos attached to them – that’s why they charge.

I can hear it already from those of you who live on the west coast, or even in the midwest, where flights don’t cost an arm or a leg – “then, just don’t go! More for us!” And you’re correct, I don’t have to put up with:

  • a flight that takes 6-10 hours
  • drunks, panhandlers, old men in diapers, time-share buskers, and the largest group of pretentious, ill-behaved, inconsiderate people in a single city in the worlddownload
  • paying for self-parking, paying for valet parking, maybe in the future even paying for the valet lobby time while waiting for the valet to bring you your car – just like in taxis, the longer you wait, the higher the meter goes

    MGM Properties already initiated paying to park.

    MGM Properties already initiated paying to park.

  • terrible gambling – need I say more craps players, VP players, blackjack players, roulette players, (really?, triple zero now initiated at Sands properties?)download-1
  • free drink coupons at bartops you have to EARN where the video poker tables rival the worst pay tables in the country
  • resort fees recently raised, AGAIN!
  • ghost fees at restaurants – fees added to your bill that imply there was something else done to make your meal betterimages-1
  • buffet prices you need to take out a loan for, or a second
    Anyone remember these on the interstates?  Could be coming to a strip casino near you!

    Anyone remember these on the interstates? Could be coming to a strip casino near you!


  • paid toilet use (oh, sorry, that’s in the near future)

For all of you Vegas Fans who don’t rent a car and visit from outside the southwest – those of you who laud Uber & Lyft – just remember your rationale of “what the economy dictates.”  Less visitors driving means more Uber & Lyft users which means prices will rise until Uber & Lyft are mirroring a taxi cost – just without the taxi smell.

lost-wagesSo you’re right – I don’t have to go to “Squeeze every penny out of ’em ‘Vegas’.”  And as the options dwindle for the low to mid-roller, and the costs rise until they can’t rise anymore (or until the next recession, God forbid), my visits to “Lost Wages” will decrease as well.

The options?  Any non-MGM/Caesars property in Biloxi, AC, or in New England’s 10 casinos within a 6 hour drive – spending my money in my local economy.  And I won’t have to put up with badly-dressed superheroes hawking you for a picture and money to get inside those casinos.

Please note, this post reflects the frustration and disappointment in Las Vegas – the city I used to consider the best place in the world.  My personal jury on that feeling is now convening. FYI – That fact is, I have loved Las Vegas for over 20 years of visiting. But friends, I have no podcast to verbally express myself like so many of my favorite Las Vegas podcasters – Tim & Michele Dressen of “Five Hundy by Midnight,” Mark Mark Wojtowicz at “360 Vegas,” , Chuckmonster at VegasTripping, Mark & Dr. Mike at “You Can Bet On That”, Scott Roeben at Vital Vegas, Tony Snyder at “The Vice Lounge Online,” and Vegas Gang, Vegas Bright & Vegas Fanboy.  

So here is how I feel this morning, waking up to a Las Vegas that I feel is getting farther & farther away from what a gambling destination means to me.  All you Vegas lovers out there, please read this with an open mind and leave your rebuttals and bias at the door.  I have my right to this rant and these opinions.  You may not agree, but please respect the following post as I respect your views.





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