Twin River – EVENT CENTER Report – TOP & AWB

Twin River Event Center, Twin River Casino

Twin River Event Center, Twin River Casino

Saturday Night was a-rockin!  The casino was packed and we were ready to see our first show in Twin River’s Event Center.

The Event Center is larger than I thought.  Filled with over 3000 people, the place was brimming with excitement, with people of all ages.  Matter of fact, those wanting to see Tower of Power for the first time in Twin River since TOP’s inception 49 years ago were, on the average, in the 50 to 60 year-old range.


Average White Band, 2016

The opening act, Average White Band, is a great funk band on its own reputation. Playing “Work to Do” and of course ending with “Pick Up the Pieces” was fabulous – tight syncopation, excellent vocals and a sound better than the 80’s.

The sound was great.  The Event Center’s sound system was very clean, a good concert volume, and well balanced. It was probably the best sound in the area, including Mohegan Sun Arena & Wolf Den, and Foxwoods Fox Theater.

However, two negatives of this venue highly impacted the overall enjoyment of the show.

  1. SEATING – The seats are comfy, I’ll give them that.  But, they are so close to the row in front and back of you, don’t expect to get out of your seat without messing the entire row’s enjoyment of the concert.  I’ve never seen such close sets in my life. When you sit down, you are there for the duration, or at least when the bands change.
  2. STAGE VISION – If everyone sits to enjoy the show (highly unlikely), then you see everything, especially with the help of the four huge screens to show what the camera in focused on at the time.  However, when all the      ” ‘gotta stand and dance’ while I don’t really listen” doo-doo heads start standing – it’s all over.  Even the screens hard to follow.  At that point, it is listening to a live concert while there are 3000 people around you.
Tower of Power, "What Is Hip?"

Tower of Power, “What Is Hip?”

Finally, Tower of Power came on.  They concentrated on earlier songs from their first few albums.  There have never sounded so good.  SOUL has never sounded so good.  The music of TOP is so intricate and complicated, yet the performance was without lapses.  Ending with “What Is Hip” and “You’re Still A Young Man”  was the sweetest icing on a very rich and lavish cake of soul music.

It was a great night.  TR’s Event Center is a place I would visit again for a concert.

Report Card:

Sound – 4 out of 4 ears (Excellent)

Ambiance – 3 out of 4 candles (Good)

Seating / Visual – 1 out of 4 eyes (Not Good)