No Free Drinks For Slot Players?

Notice drink vouchers from TI. in Las Vegas

Notice drink vouchers from TI. in Las Vegas

What’s next – a voucher for a 6oz. bottle-ette of water?

Vital Vegas just reported that free drinks while playing slots may be a thing of the past soon.

A few days ago I posted  Video Poker Free Drinks One More Thing to Take Away From Players?  It seems casinos feel they have it soooooo bad, they must take away historic perks to make up for their own  mismanagement.

Scott Roeben of Vital Vegas

Scott Roeben of Vital Vegas

According to Scott Roeben of Vital Vegas, an MGM representative said the company is pilot-testing a paper voucher comp-validation system on slot machines at MGM Grand and the Lobby Bar at the Mirage in Las Vegas.  Yes, this is same wonderful group that started their PGP (profit-growth-plan) to find where they can make better business decisions to make more money.  Only, this initiative comes out of the pockets of the same people they keep in business with. Yes MGM, the group that gave you crappy gambling rules, the first to charge for parking, the first to make VP players earn their drink, and now about to make any player pay for their drink no matter their game of choice.

MGM Springfield Casino Entrance

MGM Springfield Casino Entrance

Remember my fellow New Englanders, this is the casino giant building MGM Springfield – MGM Resorts International.  Is this the kind of hospitality and gambling we can expect?

In Scott’s article  “Free drinks for slot play? Not so fast” others climb in on why it’s necessary.  As the president of Raving Consulting Co., Dennis Conrad consults with casinos across the country. He says automating comps might be an attempt to improve customer service by ensuring people entitled to comps get them. And it might also be a way to get rid of freeloaders and even reduce theft. Regardless of the reasons for implementing them, automated systems could create new problems.There needs to be some training and communicating the facts of why we’re doing this and how, if you’re a good player, there’s nothing to worry about,” Conrad said.

One thing I don’t hear from anyone it seems is the fact that 99% of all gamblers are already paying out of their pocket – it’s called the HOUSE EDGE!!!!

Here's that 6 oz. root beer you earned after the last half hour of play.  Congratulations!

Here’s that 6 oz. root beer you earned after the last half hour of play. Congratulations!

Why is it that if gambling revenue is decreasing, and all these stop gap moves to eliminate internal business problems are being implemented, these masterminds of casinos can’t see the real reason why there’s less gambling going on.  A players bankroll doesn’t last anymore because of 6/5 blackjack, less free odds at craps, low % slots, video poker pay tables that SUCK, and the latest 0, 00, and yes 000 at some casino roulette wheels!

Long Live New England Casinos.  May they stay away from the greedy take-aways that people see out west.  Maybe people will come to New England for some of the best gambling in the U.S.  If they play their cards right, 10 casinos can be one destination – a little something for everyone.



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