9 Links To Understanding RI Ballot Question#1 – Tiverton Casino

It’s been a week since our last post at NETG.  I have been under the weather all week.  But today, while not feeling well, something inspired me to get out of bed and write this.

Let remind all of you out there, pro-casino & anti-casino, that blogs cam be objectively informative, or (usually the case) opinion pieces.  I often give my opinions concerning New England’s casino expansion, as well as changes in gambling.  We also try to increase awareness of the influence casino gambling can have on communities, families and individuals.

So, when I tweet that Newport Grand moving to Tiverton is a good thing, I am well aware of the “dark” side.

I am listing previous 9 links to help understand both sides to the Tiverton Casino question – 1)the social impact and concerns of landowners, 2) and the concern of decreased revenue from Rhode Island’s 3rd top source of revenue. These links also include links concerning gambling addiction, which must play into the equation as always.

Please read these in an attempt to understand both sides of the issue.  Happy reading while I continue to recover.

Tiverton Wants Casino…..According to Survey

Tiverton, RI Casino Is Approved For November Ballot – A Must If RI Is To Compete

Tiverton Casino Threat a Serious Consideration on Both Sides of the Border

Rhode Island Casinos Should Have It All – Large & Small

RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING TIPS, With the Help From NETGs “Cool Cats.”

Problem Gambling Awareness Month

Massachusetts Casino Voluntary Self-Exclusion Program

Do Casinos Trick Patrons or Should Gamblers be More Self-Informed?

Foxwoods Casino In Fall River? Part 1 – The Similarities of Bethlehem,PA. Fall River,MA.

Please remember, blogs can be opinion pieces as well as informative.  I can respect your opinion as long it is informed – can respect mine?



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