A Gambling Podcast For The Northeast

sclfeeadI found a podcast that I enjoyed from the first episode I listened to.  As the picture above shows, it is called

“Due For A Win

Here is the link to listen to a great episode on “Comps Harvesting.”

Listening to it also brought back fond memories of trips to Atlantic City in the early 90’s when a certain tribal casino in Connecticut would change the casino landscape forever in the northeast – with the help of Pennsylvania.

At that time, Atlantic City seemed to dismiss Connecticut’s tribal casinos – Foxwoods and the addition of Mohegan Sun in 1996.  AC felt it had no threats to it’s east coast monopoly on gambling, with its thousand of riders by bus – “daytrippers.”

Remembering the Claridge & the Sands.

Remembering the Claridge & the Sands.

Listening to “Due For A Win” brought back memories of playing at the Claridge, collecting all players club cards, eating at Pickles Deli and staying in the small, old, but always clean rooms at Ballys.  Going up and down the long elevator and people mover at the Sands.  It was a great time.

Summer on the Boardwalk Late 90's

Summer on the Boardwalk Late 90’s

Now I spend a few times a year driving to AC, staying at Borgata, and while I enjoy myself in AC, I leave feeling sad after seeing the closed historic casinos on the Boardwalk.

Finding this new podcast gives me hope for Atlantic City.  They add some history with great gambling segments, AC’s up-to-date casino news, and humor about a city trying to reinvent itself.

The dynamic duo of Kyle & Craig write, “We spent so much time talking about proper blackjack techniques, casino openings and closings, comped rooms in Atlantic City, and potential-but-unlikely Vegas trips that we decided to create a blog. Despite our prolific output (10 posts in three years), we realized what we really enjoy is talking about Atlantic City and the casino business with each other, so we started the Due For A Win podcast in November 2015 and have been recording our discussions every other week since then.”

Besides the terrific podcasts, they also include a blog, tweets at @dueforawin, and a kickin’ Facebook Group, where anything and everything Atlantic City can be explored with its large fan base.


Due For A Win – A podcast and blog about Atlantic City and the casino business.

I highly recommend this podcast – even though my loyalty is here in New England with our seven casinos – 10 or 11 by 2019.  But, to be honest, I enjoy my visits to AC. I feel it will rise again to relevancy with the seven casinos it has.

From the Marina to the Boardwalk,  “Due For A Win” can help you out with questions and concerns about your next AC trip.  Give them a chance – then subscribe.  You’ll be glad you did.