Dining Review: Tom’s Urban at Mohegan Sun

The scene looking from the back to the front of the restaurant.

The scene looking from the back to the front of the restaurant.

My party of four had high hopes for Tom’s Urban, the new restaurant at Mohegan Sun. Well, it did not disappoint. Last Thursday we had drinks, but this night was prime for a dining review.
The menu is very diverse, drinks to satisfy anyone, and prices aren’t too expensive, depending on what you order. You could call the atmosphere “upscale over-sized neighborhood sports pub.” That said, here’s how things went:

Happy Hour

Happy Hour by the Clock

Happy Hour by the Clock

The price of the drafts and the price of the bites follow the clock – $3 at 3:00pm, $4 at 4:00pm, and $5 at 5:00pm.  While we were seated before 6:00, when out waitress first came over, it was literally 6:01 – no happy hour for us.  “Sorry, it’s too late.”  Most restaurants would not take this stand.  Hopefully management will read about this practice and suggest a different approach.  6:01???  Really????


The tankard on the left is 40 oz.

The tankard on the left is 40 oz.  It comes filled, unlike this one.

Beer can be ordered in the usual pint or the unbelievably gluttonous tankard – 40 oz.  The taps offer good beer, like the Allagash White next to the Leinenkugel Summer Shandy in the tankard in the picture.  Someone in our party had a “Darker & Stormier”, but it was more ginger beer and not enough rum.


We each had an entree, all of which were outstanding.  I had probably the best Carnitas Cuban sandwich ever, and Bert’s BBQ Pork Sandwich was also the best she has enjoyed. Another entree, the Fig Jam and three Cheese Sandwich was a big hit, and quite different. Listed as a “vegetarian dish,” apple sausage can be added to make a “Figgy Piggy.”  But, the truly big hit of the night – and I mean BIG – was the Crispy Chicken and Cornbread Pancake.


The Crispy Chicken and Cornbread Pancake. Outstanding…and huge!

Slightly spicy, crispy boneless chicken was delicious all served with salted caramel butter and maple syrup on the side.

Much like everything at Tom’s Urban, the food is innovative and fun. Only a few entrees and small plate orders are vegetarian.


Both times we have visited Tom’s Urban, the service has been very good.  Because the food is made to order, and is so different in the making, you should expect a little extra time for your food. However, I have seen other reviews from this restaurant, as well as those in Denver & L.A., and they seem to echo a similar theme – fantastic food, slow service.  But this night, service was very good and the wait staff really seemed to want our experience to be an enjoyable one.
Ask them what "screen" means, something only found in Mohegan Sun's Tom's Urban

Ask them what “screen” means, something only found in Mohegan Sun’s Tom’s Urban

To sum up the Tom’s Urban experience, I would say:
  • Fit for Foodies
  • Great for Brunch
  • Good for Groups
  • Notable Wine List
  • Great Alternative Drinks
  • Good Beer Menu
  • Vibrant Bar Scene and Good Happy Hour
  • Great for Lunch

One last thing.  The previous restaurant had windows that were enclosed by lots of dark wood in the front of the place.  Tom’s has a clear opening all the way from end to end, making for a great place to “people watch.”

We plan to go back, again…..and again.  I recommend you do, too.