Tom’s Urban at Mohegan Sun – Worth More Than One Visit

Tom's Urban at Mohegan Sun

Tom’s Urban at Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun’s newest restaurant is right out of Las Vegas – I know because I visited the the restaurant in Sin City just last week, and the Sun’s version is spectacular.

Tom's Urban on the Las Vegas Strip

Tom’s Urban on the Las Vegas Strip

First of all, the ambiance has been completely renovated and modernized.  Walk in and you are immediately transported to a city club in a NewYork minute.

Tom Ryan, of Smashburger and Tom's Urban restaurants.

Tom Ryan, of Smashburger and Tom’s Urban restaurants.

Tom Ryan, the vision behind Tom’s Urban, was named one of the Top 25 Food Entrepreneurs of the Last Quarter Century by Gourmet Magazine and dedicated his life to creating dining and drinking experiences that linger long after you leave. The drink offerings alone will blow your mind.

Ask them what "screen" means, something only found in Mohegan Sun's Tom's Urban

Ask them what “screen” means, something only found in Mohegan Sun’s Tom’s Urban

A great list of draft, craft, and bottled beers are a given these days, but not the rest of the drink available, like: wines, amazing “Concoctions” cocktails, coconut water cocktails and punch bowls.

Happy Hour starts at 3:00pm with $3 “booze & bites.” (At 4:00, it’s $4, 5:00 – $5).

The Brunch menu is offered everyday between 10am – 4pm.  A fantastic offering of usual breakfast suspects to many exotic delights will take weeks to try.  Matter of fact, the entire menu is a culinary adventure, and NETime Gambling is going back soon to get a report on the Urban’s dining, which includes small plates, sandwiches, sliders, grilled items, food truck specialties, street tacos, pizzas, salads……its just overwhelming, but in a “I can’t wait to go back” type of way. I just hope I have room to try one of their desserts or maybe an “Urban Spiked Shake.”

So, it’s time to visit and review.  If you visit Tom’s Urban, send NETG a comment on your experience.

Thanks to Brock behind the bar, and management for a great first time. See you soon.



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  1. Monika M. Wahi, MPH, CPH says:

    Thanks for the review! Binbin, what did you order? Did you have the buffet? I’m curious about your experience there. I am vegetarian and I’m wondering what there was on the menu or in the buffet for vegetarians.

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