Bradley International Airport Hosting 3rd Connecticut Casino? – 4 Misguided Points

The Sheraton at Bradley International Airport

The Sheraton at Bradley International Airport is not a possible site for the casino, but everyone wants us to think so!

Two articles were published very recently by two CT newspapers that I felt could not go without rebuttal. The lack of facts and the tons of rhetoric about Connecticut’s Third Casino was too much to overlook.

First, let’s review: The operators of Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods want to establish a casino in the Hartford area. They sought proposed sites for a “satellite casino” intended to blunt the competitive pressure from a $950 million gaming and entertainment complex under construction byMGM Resorts International in nearby Springfield. Basically to keep gamblers & jobs in CT instead of crossing the state line north.

Kevin Brown, left, Chairman of the Mohegan Tribal Council and Rodney Butler, right, chairman of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Council,

Kevin Brown, left, Chairman of the Mohegan Tribal Council and Rodney Butler, right, chairman of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Council,

Now, let’s look at the latest articles, one from the CT Post’s Ken Dixon entitled “MGM attacks casino for Bradley International Airport” and the other from Hartford Courant’s Kenneth Gosselin entitled Site of Demolished Airport Terminal No Longer Option For Casino But Airport Still Eyes Gaming”.

These two articles show that both parties involved – Bradley Int. Airport Authority & MGM International – expect us all to believe whatever is said in the media. (Just check the POTUS election brawl if you believe that one.  And if you do, I have a nice bridge in San Francisco I’d like to sell you – reeaaalll cheap!)

No, it’s about flexing muscle and swaying the reader who is unaware of the industry, the state, and/or MGM’s crusade to dominate the industry.

southern New England

Location, Location, Location

Here is a list of the “stinkin’ thinkin'” that both sides can’t help but spew out to either those who are frightened about losing slot revenue and jobs in CT, those who believe a third casino at the Airport is a great idea, and those from MGM who an easy pursuit of domination of the central gaming industry in New England any way they can.

  1. Both the new terminal and a new transportation center at the airport were potential sites but in June, the authority withdrew both sites because the tribes had not selected a location for the casino and the authority needed to advance the planning. If you check the picture in both articles, it is an OLD rendering of those sites, mainly at the Sheraton between terminals. (click on article Titles above) Yet both the airport authority and MGM want to you to think that’s what they’re talking about.  But it isn’t.  It’s a ploy for pro & con to use it as propaganda, even if it’s out of the discussion.
  2. “About 17,000 travelers and their families visit the airport daily. No other location in the state of Connecticut can boast that number of people passing through their facility each day,” said the 62-page report, prepared for the airport authority and the town of Windsor Locks and released by MGM Resorts.  images (1)The key words are passing through.  No casino will make a living off of the small percentage of people dropping $20 at a casino that might even be outside the gate area.  Besides, aren’t the vast majority of people in the terminal interested in getting to their flight, or better yet, getting home after their flight?  I can’t see a whale going to a blackjack table three hours before his flight to play at the airport casino.  Nothing to worry about MGM, because those flying in to travel to Springfield (which is a high %) and expecting to visit MGM will be saving their bankroll for MGM Springfield.cm3052
  3. Let’s talk about traffic, congestion, parking and a relaxing drive to the airport casino – NOT. This will be the last thing on most travelers minds, and for gamblers, MGM Springfield offers more than a quick makeshift casino surrounded by families, trucks, car rentals, etc…..rushing to get where they really need to get to.images
  4. “Calling this a ‘satellite casino’ — which is how they all referred to this in public — is like calling the Grand Canyon a hole in the ground,” Alan Feldman, an MGM executive vice president, said.  Yes, ladies & gentlemen, this attention-grabbing exaggeration courtesy of MGM Resorts – the company that brought you parking fees in Las Vegas and the Profit Growth Plan, or PGP (which basically means what else can we charge, or take away from the customers to increase our profit.)  I understand – business is business.  But it was Wynn, MGM, and the Massachusetts Gambling Commission that made Massachusetts believe that Foxwoods & Mohegan Sun were second rate casino developers and not good enough for Massachusetts’s gaming expansion.  So, what the heck is MGM worried for?MGM

BTW – The Schaghticoke Tribal Nation filed a motion to withdraw the federal court lawsuit claiming unfair practice and partiality to the Mohegans & Pequots. The move came several weeks after a judge dismissed a similar lawsuit by MGM Resorts, which is planning a casino in Springfield, Massachusetts. MGM who financially backed the lawsuit by the Schaghticokes.

Schaghticokes were denied recognition by state.

Schaghticokes were denied recognition by state.

Can’t MGM fight their own battles without provoking those inside the camp of CT to mutiny, doing their dirty work for them?

And you thought casino gambling was about house edge, free drinks, winning & losing, dining and entertainment. Second to Broadway, it seems the New England casino industry has the best drama – is that what they mean by “off-Broadway?”