Foxwoods Resort Casino, Masnantucket CT
Foxwoods Resort Casino, Masnantucket CT

Ok, so some might feel yesterday’s post was a little harsh.  But it was our experience, truthful and informative.  To alleviate any guilt I may have and tell the rest of the story, here is part 2.

imagesCAKE by FRANCK – This little place has amazing pastries, novelty sweets, amazing gourmet chocolates and, of course, mouth-watering cakes.  But our sinful delight was trying their doughnuts, much like a “kronut.” Called French Doughnuts, both the jelly (granulated sugar with infused raspberry jelly) and the Maple Pecan were outstanding!  Both Bert & Bin will be having these again.

NON-SMOKING CASINO – now finished, next to the Atrium Lounge.  Stage is larger at the Atrium, by the way, and a dance floor provides enough room to get your mojo movin’.

foxperx logo
foxperx logo

FOX-PERKS – Now with FoxPerx, you can win extra cash, free rooms, meals, spa treatments and more – just for playing your favorite slots with your Foxwoods Rewards card, only at Grand Pequot and Fox Towers.  I received 2 $5 coupons while playing only an hour.

Foxwoods Renovated Retail Space
Foxwoods Renovated Retail Space – great for a power walk.

WHAT A GREAT PLACE TO WALK – Every morning, using most but not all of Foxwoods vast property, Bert & Bin walked 30 minutes. Tanger Outlets is nice and quiet, and so are the casino floors and hallways.  Who needs a fitness center!

CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN – Yes, I know – it’s a chain restaurant. But one of the few worth a trip when visiting.  It’s not just about pizza.  The salads (two sizes) are delicious and the small is a full meal.

Fish tacos & Rib-eye were also recommended by our party.  When taking it out or bringing it to your room (they don’t bring it to your room, gotta go get it), it’s packaged for easy travel. Always part of our visits.

Bowling in Luxury at High Rollers, Foxwoods
Bowling in Luxury at High Rollers, Foxwoods

HIGH-ROLLERS BOWLING and LOUNGE – First of all, the bowling can be expensive.  But the live videos, the ooncy music, the service, and lanes (complete with chandeliers) is a great group experience.  Add to that a pint of Guiness poured perfectly for only $4 – outstanding. FYI – Friday after 9:00 was a great time to go.  We had most of the place to ourselves.

DAILY SLOT-TOURNAMENT – So, most of us won’t win anything.  But it’s a daily tournament, lots of players, over the entire summer, so don’t expect much. You can earn more entries with your play, or restaurant purchases, etc, and the bottom line is that IT’S FREE and it’s FUN!  It’s a great distraction between sessions, or maybe a break to stop a losing session.

Well, those are the additional Gems we took part in while staying there.  Try some of them out the next time to go to Foxwoods.

That’s all for now.

Bin & Bert