Foxwoods Tower Hotel & Festival Breakfast Buffet – A Trip Report

Fox Tower at Foxwoods. The Producer Suites are in the extended round portion of the building, so each Producer Suite has a different Sq. footage

Fox Tower at Foxwoods. The Producer Suites are in the extended round portion in the center of the building, so each Producer Suite has a different Sq. footage

NETG continues our summer of New England Casino reviews.  Today, we look at two aspects of the Foxwoods Resort Casino – hotel & breakfast buffet. Foxwoods has four separate and distinct hotels. After staying in each at least once, it was time to check out a suite. Here is our assessment of Fox Tower and the Festival Breakfast Buffet.

Producer's Suite, Fox Tower

Producer’s Suite, Fox Tower

Foxwoods Producer Suite

First of all, if you ever have a chance to stay in a suite for a few days at a casino hotel, do it – if for any other reason than to have a few get-togethers with friends and family.  We stayed in a Producer Suite at the Foxwoods Tower Hotel, which is the smaller of the suites offered. The Director suite is what you would imagine with more than one room and top of the line.263848b6-3c60-465c-a3c8-6ba3c5562fe0

The Producer Suite Room we stayed in eventually was quite roomy, with a nice big sitting area to entertain.  Bathrooms were large, and the usual amenities of upper scale rooms were offered.  Pluses include a refrigerator, comfy beds, and two TV’s, one in each room. A suggestion for Foxwoods and all casino hotels as far as NETG is concerned is a safe for valuables.

From the 25th floor, the view was just breath-taking with it’s floor to ceiling windows.  We could only imagine what a beautiful site the New England Fall foliage would be.

Unfortunately, the furniture seems to be the original when MGM opened the tower in 2008. Renovations are definitely needed to furniture, curtains, and walls could use some painting.  This is based on seeing not one but two of these suites.

Fox Tower Registration Desk.

Fox Tower Registration Desk.

Upon checking, the man helping us seemed to want to complete the registration as quick as possible.  Buyer Beware! – Our room wasn’t ready, but he said another was ready and he could put us there.  HE ASSURED US IT WAS EXACTLY THE SAME – BUT HE LIED.  You see, depending on which room it is the square footage can be DRASTICALLY DIFFERENT.

We did receive great service, though, after leaving the desk. Great care was made moving us to a larger suite, which had double the seating area. The service we received from staff was wonderful.

Foxwoods made it right, but registration personnel should be questioned about this practice.  Hopefully it isn’t suggested by Foxwoods as protocol.

kind of like the party place

The expanded Center Bar – “Centrale”

One more word to the wise – the Foxwoods Tower Casino has one of, if not the best, night clubs in New England, “Shrine,” and has renovated the casino to be a young, vibrant atmosphere.

Shrine - One of the Best Night Clubs on the East Coast

Shrine – One of the Best Night Clubs on the East Coast

Unlike other casino hotels (Borgata, Mohegan Sun) there are no safety features to prevent any one from entering the hotel elevator. There is no one checking keys and no use of your key to enable the elevator.  Our suite had two young partying groups with lots of traffic (all with drink in hand) all night both Friday & Saturday until about 3:00am. – to be expected on a weekend.  So be prepared for the noise, since these suites are near the elevators.  Plug in your iPhone, download a white noise machine, and let it play over the hallway sounds for a better sleep!

Security does take complaints seriously, as I was told a second complaint would clear any offending room after the first check.  They got your back.

All in all, it was a great experience and the room we ended up with was truly fun and special.  But the hotel, in general, has issues to deal with.

festival_buffet_200x100Foxwoods Festival Buffet

This was a comped buffet, so it’s hard to say anything bad about free eats.


At 8:30, the breakfast staff was under-maned, getting a table was served, the line formed quickly, and with no signage for upper level rewards levels, those patrons forming their pass line were not received well by the rest of the line.

Inside the buffet.

Inside the buffet.

I am happy it was free, because to pay for this breakfast buffet would not prudent.  Very few offerings were different, or enticing.  The usual industrial scrambled eggs were warm at best, the turkey sausage patty was dry and cool, and only one person for an omelet line.  The pastries were typical and, even for a sugar-addict like myself, were just not palatable. Ordinary and mostly unappealing is our assessment. (This is not to be confused with the dinner & supper offerings, which we’ll check out soon!)

So, if you have to pay, don’t go.  If your using your points, think of it this way.  According to VPFree2 – a great website in our resources links about – it takes about $170 in a slot machine (over $300 for Video Poker) to earn one point.  Now follow the math, and you will value the points you earn:

170 X $12.00(breakfast buffet price) = $2040 in a slots for this buffet!  Are you willing to spend a over $2000 for a “free” mediocre breakfast buffet?  May I suggest Junior’s in the Fox Tower for breakfast.  Same price, great food, great service, and the biggest damn coffee-cup you’ll find!

Junior's - Great Breakfast, Great Cheesecake.

Junior’s – Great Breakfast, Great Cheesecake.

Was it an enjoyable trip?  You Bet! (sorry, but pun intended)  Tomorrow I will tell you about the gems that make Foxwoods a great stay-cation/vacation.

That’s all for now.




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