Blackjack Is NOT A Team Sport

This post is in response to all those whining blackjack players who play at low limit tables and complain about players moves.  Where else are beginning or recreational gamblers supposed to play?  If you want better strategy played, find a $25 table……

Dogs Playing CrapsThis is a tale of two table games.  Craps and Blackjack.  Some consider both games “us against the casino.”  Team games.  But only one comes with that status.

Craps players tend to ban together.  They have the most fun.  The shooter is the warrior, the attacker for the group.  His throw of the dice will determine his team’s success, at least those betting pass line. Craps is the only “one for all” table game…..and that doesn’t include any of the carnival games that can be found.

Now, Ever hear this?

“You know what really drives me crazy about blackjack? …You sit down and get a good game going, and then some idiot sits down at third base and starts messing up the cards. What do you do about that?”

imageI am so tired of superstitions and myths believed by even the best players.  The whole idea that blackjack players ban together under the same strategy to beat the dealer is preposterous. The table isn’t a team, it’s one on one against the dealer’s hand. Ken Smith, in Blackjack Forum, 2013, wrote the following:

Other players have no appreciable affect on your results.

“That’s right… Johnny Clueless from Buffalo who sat down at your table had nothing to do with your losing streak.  Now, if you already knew this to be true, you probably know what happens next in the conversation. Trying to explain that other players can’t screw up your results invariably leads to that blank stare. You know the one. It’s where you can almost see them thinking: “This Kenny guy doesn’t know squat about blackjack! How did he ever make any money?!”

Generally, I don’t even bother trying to dispute their notion. Instead I’ll just nod my head as if these kinds of players bother me too, and change the subject as soon as I can,……. let me make a concerted effort to explain why this is a myth. “

He goes on to explain the usual complaints that players complain about, such as players jumping in and out and players strategy mistakes (or lack if strategy).

Bottom line is you can win as much as lose from players and their poor strategy – short or long term.

imageOnce, I was playing video poker. I was dealt two tens, but only kept one….three hours of playing will cause that sometimes.  On the draw, I was dealt the rest of the Royal Flush.

It was my mistake, but I didn’t give back the $1000.

So, don’t bitch about something that doesn’t exist, don’t play $5 tables and expect highly skilled players. Take the good with the bad, or move to a higher denomination table.




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