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Craps Table

The Craps Table – A Daunting Place for the Beginner.

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Really, Mark & Dr. Mike are two guys that you would want to just stand at a craps table with.  Each has similar styles, but different bankroll managements.  One thing they share is that they are great guys.  So, in a salute to their next 100 podcasts and a new logo, here is a previous post from last year.

Table Games can be PRET-TY intimidating at times.  Not only HOW to play, but what to do and not to do when you do play.

One of my new favorite podcasts I listen to is “You Can Bet On That.”  I have mentioned these two great guys previously on a post about  Comps and your Average2 Daily Theoretical Gambling.” Their podcasts have a friendly atmosphere, and not patronizing or explicit like some podcasts.  They call themselves a Podcast for the Recreational Gambler. These two guys from California present a podcast that is interesting and entertaining for those of us who are beginners, knowledgeable recreational gamblers and everybody in between – whether you bring a large amount or small amount for your recreational visit.  Mark & Dr. Mike experience & expertise seem to lie in craps and home poker games, but they cover everything from the latest gaming news to questions about any games you may play.

You Can Bet On That

One of the best Gambling Podcasts I Listen To!

I recently called them and asked for some basic knowledge of the true beginner at craps. In their usual jovial way, they listed the following things to be aware of as a first-timer:

  1. You can play from any empty spot at the craps table.
  2. Have your money out, and place on the table – you can’t hand it directly to the dealer.
  3. Give the full amount of your buy-in at that initial time.  Don’t ask for change!  Wait until they push your chips back to you.
  4. Put your money in the “rails” around the table.  (A personal aside – watch your chips. Not everyone is as honest as you would hope, especially at a busy table.)
  5. Good etiquette in not to buy-in during a hand, or while the shooter is still shooting after the “point” has been established.
  6. Place your bet, for example the pass line, right in front of you.

How do you bet?  That’s a topic for other posts.  All I know is that it always seems that the most fun in the casino by a group is at the craps table.

Also at their website “You Can Bet On That”  Todd Gades offered a free book called “How a Math Nerd Plays Craps.”  It’s a great book I’m reading now that gives strategy that just might stretch your bankroll a bit more than usual and also gives a bit of a primer on the game.  I’m not going to offer a link because I would like you to click on the “You Can Bet On That” link here or in our menu with other gambling links. Todd can be reached on Twitter @YoEleven_

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