Twin River Casino Trip Report – Follow Up & Fan Feed-Back

Twin River Casino

Twin River Casino

Earlier this week, as NEGT’s RI correspondent, Rhode Island Correspondent Miguel gave a trip report after an outing at Twin River and detailed 3 concerns for Twin River. The full post can be found here: “3 Concerns For Twin River Casino.” Here’s Miguel’s follow-up:

“One of the 3 items centered around a missed opportunity for Bin and Miguel to attend the Tequila and Rumdownload (1) festival due to a poor reservation process. In parallel to the post on NE Time Gambling, I also sent an email to Twin River’s “contact us” email to voice my displeasure with the experience. Within 36 hours (including Sunday), I received an email back from a manager in the Players Club.

She was quite apologetic regarding the mix up and clearly stated it shouldn’t have happened. While stating that “it shouldn’t happen again”, I was encouraged to ask for a supervisor or manager if I encountered a problem in the future, they would have the authority to make an exception. I was also offered two complimentary tickets to any of the upcoming concerts at Twin River’s Event Center.”

imagesSo in the end, yes it was frustrating. Yes, I missed out on an event that I was really looking forward t
o (Bin, too!). Yes, I still think Twin River needs to upgrade their system.

But after the issue, Twin River did what they could to follow up, acknowledge it, and make it better.
(See our recent post concerning Casino Loyalty.)

(Bin addition – Service is what makes us feel appreciated, and trying to make-up for mistakes made shows that they are grateful for our patronage, whether we are large or small players.  Great follow-up by Miguel and great response by Twin River. Now, back to Miguel….)

“I also wanted to take a moment and respond to Monika’s comments after the post.

First off – thank you for being a loyal follower of NE Time Gambling! Not knowing what the root of you unpleasant experiences were, I’d give Twin River a try again and see if any of the issues you’ve experienced have been addressed.

Twin River Casino. Larger than most people realize - two large casino floors

Twin River Casino. Larger than most people realize – two large casino floors

While we at NETG called out the need for TR to & upgrade, upgrade, and upgrade, these are just three things we’ve noticed and we have no indication that a change in software or customer loyalty procedures are actually on the road map for TR.  If we get word that improvements are coming, we’ll certainly pass that along ASAP.

As for the jackpot complaints – that’s the first I’ve ever heard of it. (Bin, too.)  I’ve never heard of nor seen anything like that while I’ve been on the property.  I’ve been lucky enough on occasion to win a few hand pay jackpots and have had nothing but pleasant experiences with the slot attendant. I would think that if that really was happening and patrons were legitimately winning jackpots and TR was not paying them – certainly someone would pull a local news channel into the story.  So I’d certainly hope that’s just a misunderstanding of specific circumstances.

The largest casino in the USA is Windstar

The largest casino in the USA is Windstar, in Oklahoma.

(An aside – William Thompson, who teaches public administration at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, is an expert in the gambling business. He said, “while slot machines can malfunction, causing jackpot not to be paid, the casinos owe it to their customers to pay them unless the player is cheating.” Basically, State regulatory commissions would definitely be watching for these things.  It does seem to happen on some tribal casinos, (Winstar, Malfunctioned’ win spurs Oklahoma casino questions  By BYRON HARRIS / WFAA ABC 8) since Tribal Council are usually the governing body on reservations as sovereign lands.  But state policies and gaming commissions should prevent unpaid jackpots)

Cashing out for now…Miguel”

Thanks, Miguel. AND Thanks again, Monika, for following us.  How about the rest of you – any questions or concerns you’ve had at New England Casinos?  Send us a comment, and our team can look into it.