3 Concerns For Twin River Casino – NETG Trip Report

We have another guest post this week!  A trip report for Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI.  Our Rhode Island correspondent has a lot to say about his visit.  I’ll just step back and let Miguel tell you ALLLLLLL about it.

Twin River Casino. Larger than most people realize - two large casino floors

Twin River Casino. Larger than most people realize – two large casino floors. Click on the picture for all the specifics about Twin River Casino.

After visiting Twin River, here are 3 things for them to work on ASAP!

NE Time Gambling met up at Twin River Casino in Lincoln, RI on Saturday May 7th.  Bin and Miguel set out to check in on the RI casino and participate in some of the promotions running that weekend.  Twin River certainly had a flurry of activity going on!

  • Every day in May they are running their $1,000,000 Cash & Free Slot Play Sweepstakes where patrons can win their share of the prize pool every 30 minutes from noon to 9pm.
  • The Twin River Event Center was hosting the New England Tequila and Rum Festival.
  • For invited guest, there was a mystery point multiplier from 5x – 1000x.
  • As if that wasn’t enough, Saturday was also a “Match Your New England Slot Offer” day where you’re able to bring in a slot play base offer from a New England casino that is higher than your Twin River slot play offer and Twin River will match it. (Hard copy mailers only, no emails or printouts.  Check the fine print)
Twin River Casino

Twin River Casino

You can find more details on current Twin River promotions at www.twinriver.com/promotions/

The casino was certainly busy given all of the promotions mentioned above PLUS the Kentucky Derby excitement which surely brought in additional patrons, though there was no promotion for the Derby – at least not which was publicized.  We walked around taking note of the new carpeting recently installed, a plethora of new machines added to the gaming floor while still keeping some of the classics.

Shipyard Brewpub, Twin River Casino

Shipyard Brewpub, Twin River Casino

In addition to our gaming time, we stopped in to the 1st Floor food court for lunch and ended the day with a Shipyard Brewery “Melonhead” draft up at the Shipyard Pub.

There were however, some lessons to be learned from our visit and three things in particular that this blogger thinks Twin River needs to focus on going forward.

  1. Mystery Points Multiplier: As mentioned above, Twin River had a mystery point multiplier promotion on Saturday, as they frequently do. The first “head scratcher” in this promotion, as NE Time Gambling has previously questioned, you have to reserve this promotion!  IMG_0719At least 4 days in advance, you need to reserve your point multiplier – “No Walk Ups Will Be Allowed” yells the promotional mailer!  The other catch on this promotion is that the 5x multiplier will be loaded on your card, but if you’re lucky enough to get a multiplier higher than 5x “…that amount will be manually adjusted and will be available for redemption within 6 days.”  REALLY??  It certainly seems they need to invest in an upgraded system, which allows for a variety of point multipliers and enables patrons to take advantage of the points earned in the promotion the same day they earn them.  A very clunky promotion at best.
  2. Paying with Points: When you opt to use your points on property to pay for anything…a coffee at one of the 3 Dunkin Donuts, lunch at KFC or any other retail location, you are greeted with the same questions “Slots or Tables?” Yup – that’s right, as the cashier at whichever location swipes your card, they need to indicated which pool of points you’re pulling from.  Each player has a separate balance of Slot Points and Table Points.
    Twin River Food Court

    Inside the Twin River Food Court. No, this is neither Miguel nor Binbin!

    Luckily for me, I only play slots so it’s always an easy answer.  Though it does cause one to think, if you’re buying a $15 lunch and have $10 in Slot Points and $10 in Table Points, do they have to run your card twice?  Why can’t points just be points?  Again, it seems like a system upgrade is in order to make it easier on the patron and all of the retail workers.

  3. Reserving promotions: This is really the MAJOR lesson learned of the day and should be the biggest area of focus for Twin River to improve patron experience. Twin River’s current method for patrons to reserve promotions is to call a toll free number and leave a voicemail or email a dedicated mailbox.  I’ve always opted for the email because I find it easier.  Having been a patron for many years, I can say that “back in the day” I would typically get an email response confirming my request.  As time went, I would sporadically not get a response, but still show up for the promotion and never have an issue.  At this point in time, I would estimate that I have not gotten an email confirmation back from Twin River on any promotion request in 6 months. download (1) In line with what I’ve come to expect, when I emailed in on April 21st to reserve my two complimentary tickets for the Tequila & Rum festival – I got no response.  (For reference, the ‘RSVP by’ date was May 3rd).  When Bin and I showed up to pick up the tickets I had reserved, I was told that I didn’t have the promotion reserved.  I explained that I had emailed in and even retrieved the email on my phone to show the Promotions agent – who didn’t seem interested in seeing it.  The response I got was “did you get an email confirmation?  The event is sold out now.”  download (2)There was no effort to resolve the issue, open and shut case, NO SOUP FOR YOU, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya…we weren’t getting in, even though I had RSVP’d well in advance.  So the theme continues here…upgrade, upgrade, UPGRADE!  For Twin River to be taken seriously and be on the same level as, oh I don’t know, EVERY OTHER CASINO, build out a players portal on your website, allow patrons to view and reserve reservations online, check point balance, etc…Not only would this reduce the Twin River labor required to check voice mails and emails (and theoretically responding), it would also make for a much improved patron experience.

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Cashing out for now…Miguel


One thought on “3 Concerns For Twin River Casino – NETG Trip Report

  1. Monika M. Wahi, MPH, CPH says:

    I’m so glad you wrote this post! I have been debating whether to go back to Twin River because I have not had a very pleasant experience, and now, your post suggests I should give them a little time to upgrade, upgrade, upgrade before I try them again.

    One question I have – I have read online that Twin Rivers patrons who have won jackpots have had them not paid under sketchy circumstances (such as there was no malfunction, but they just made up an excuse not to pay, even with the patron taking pictures of the machine and having witnesses, etc.). Since reading this last year, I have avoided Twin River. Can you shed any light on this accusation? Is it correct, or was it correct and it’s not correct anymore? Any impressions would be helpful!

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