Connecticut Casino Quandry – Paring Sites & Legislative Bills Slow it All Down

CT SignRamp up…Slow down…Gain interest….Hold on…A Definite Maybe

That’s how the MMCT 3rd casino in Connecticut is progressing.

Take your time – just hurry up about it!

For a recent summary of the Connecticut process for a 3rd casino and concerns for a speedy completion, check out NETG’s post:

Connecticut’s 3rd Casino: No Time For Delay

MassLiveLogoAccording to Shannon Young of the Republican, an associate to MassLive, the Nutmeg State’s Governor Malloy cautioned Massachusetts in its casino expansion. Apparently, Dannel Malloy isn’t too keen on casino revenue – the same revenue that has helped him in his budgetary woes over the years.

Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy

Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy

MassLive’ post goes on to quote Gov. Malloy, “It [the 3rd Casino] wasn’t my proposal, it came out of the legislature,” the governor said. “It’s got a ways to go if it’s ever going to happen.”  Malloy noted that it doesn’t require that a gaming establishment be built. He added that he would take any further efforts to build a new casino “one step at a time.”

More speed bumps were introduced this week by a new legislative bill. The new bill by Rep. Chris Perone that would include an analysis of how building a third casino would impact jobs and revenues in the state, will slow down the process further.

Kevin Brown, left, Chairman of the Mohegan Tribal Council and Rodney Butler, right, chairman of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Council,

Kevin Brown, left, Chairman of the Mohegan Tribal Council and Rodney Butler, right, chairman of the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Council, forming the alliance for MMCT.

Commenting on the proposal, MMCT’s spokesman, Andrew Doba said that the proposed study would be just repeating the results from a previous study by Clyde Barrow, the go-to “political scientist” for economic research in gaming.

Casino Consultant, Clyde Barrow

Casino Consultant, Clyde Barrow

Mr. Barrow previously found that increased casino competition could cost Connecticut $700 million in casino revenues, $100 million in revenues for the state government and 9,300 jobs.

Dan Haar, of the Hartford Courant, thinks differently. “If adopted, the bill would end any chance of the Mashantucket Pequot and Mohegan tribes gaining approval for a third casino in the 2016 session — something that might not have happened anyway.”  The best action here, according to Mr. Haar, is for the tribes to come to the General Assembly with a plan, in THIS session. The argument for the authorization last year was that MGM Springfield is opening in late 2018, and Connecticut has a chance to open first, perhaps in late 2016. This angle would definitely support the East Hartford, I-84 proposal.

Foxwoods/ Mohegan Sun Joint Casino, East Hartford, CT

Artist Rendering of renovated Cinemas building for New Mohegan Sun/Foxwoods Casino

A respected gaming industry consultant for Anthony Ravosa, the East Hartford developer, estimated a casino with 2,000 slot machines would generate $250 million in revenue in its first year, and a smaller parlor, with 1,000 machines, would generate $150 million.

Bradley International Airport sign

Bradley International Airport & Casino?

However, the leading site for a casino still seems to leading toward Windsor Locks and Bradley Int. Airport., since junkets could easily bring gamblers to the area, much like Biloxi, Atlantic City, and New Orleans. This site would involve an interim casino at the Sheraton Hotel at Bradley, until the real site was built.

To combat a lull in legislation, and get more support through the media, the Mohegan and Mashantucket-Pequot tribes have launched a campaign targeting the MGM Springfield casino project as a threat to Connecticut’s economy. The ad, which echoes previous rhetoric by tribal leaders, appears on, a new website run by the tribes which urges Connecticut residents to lobby their elected officials in favor of the casino development.

Amidst the tobacco fields.  One of the East Windsor's two proposed casino sites.

Amidst the tobacco fields. One of the East Windsor’s two proposed casino sites.

The MMCT continues to move forward as fast as it is able, considering the number of potential sites in the Hartford area, the MGM law suit and CT’s own legislative limits.  This week, one plan for a East Windsor site withdrew.  But two sites in Easy Windsor, East Hartford and Windsor Locks are still in the running.



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