We’ve Been Bamboozled!

Once again, settle down out there!

My mama taught me that when I was wrong, I apologize. Just when I thought we at NETime Gambling were beyond being faked out, it’s our time to be humbled.

It seems that we had quoted a FAKE Jim Murren twitter account concerning paid parking at MGM Springfield. (Damn the Twittersphere) We humbly rescind that info – it just wasn’t correct.

MGM Springfield reached out to us to let us know – and to be honest this could be a positive turn of events. NETimeGambling may have access to the most recent and “correct” news about MGM Springfield.

Many questions still remain about MGM’s business – law suit vs CT, changing plans on the Hotel tower, not to mention the blasphemous plans out in Las Vegas. But, maybe a connection between NETime Gambling and MGM Springfield could shed some light on those questions many of us have concerning New England’s Casino Industry.

I’ll take our mistake and run with it. Our mission from the beginning three years ago was to be a resource for New England’s gamblers. With the explosion of gaming in and all around us, a small connection to the one of the biggest gaming industry giants can’t hurt. It could be another connection that could help us all.

Thank you MGM Springfield for your call and we look forward to a closer connection in the future.