downloadThis Year’s Big Game (aka Super Bowl) Promotions at each of New England’s Seven Casinos – don’t exist!


Yes, that’s right.  Stay home.  Have your Super Bowl parties in the safe, warm confines of your home or someone else’s home.  You’ll enjoy the company, the food, and the party – without going to the casino.

That’s right, you read it right – interested in the “Big Game?” – stay home.

They call themselves casinos, entertainment venues, places to “parr-teh.”

Well, I’m done trying to find a way to get the word out for these guys concerning the Super Bowl – because there’s nothing, it seems, to advertise.

New England casinos and their sorry or confusing websites are useless when it comes to the Super Bowl. Twitter, Facebook, social media?  What are they waiting for?  I can’t wait for MGM & Wynn to show them how it’s really done in two years.

So, NETime Gambling is out of the business for locally advertising the Super Bowl for New England casinos.

Short post today.  I need to go shopping for my own party tomorrow.

Monday’s Promotions post will deal with Valentine’s Day – which seems to be more important to casinos than the most watched sporting event around the world.