“The Outsiders’ Guide to Las Vegas” is All You Need to Visit Sin City

Outsiders Guide to Las Vegas

Going To Las Vegas?

Every once in a while, our thoughts of jackpots, fine food, and great entertainment drift from New England casinos to the greatest city for adults in the world – Las Vegas, Nevada.

Welcome to Las Vegas SignIf you haven’t ever visited, or if you haven’t visited for a while, you will be overwhelmed with what Las Vegas is now.  So, you will undoubtedly search the net, talk to friends and try to get that inside information to make your Vegas Vacation a exciting, value-packed and memorable event of a lifetime.  Even those of us who have taken the long journey from the east coast to “Vegas” many times are filled with the same child-like anticipation every time you arrive.

Well, many times that “inside information” is a bunch of hooey.  It’s usually the same “travelogue” crap you get from travel books, magazines, and internet sights. Well, there’s a better, no bull, alternative to preparing for your vacation – Tim Dressen’s “The Outsiders’ Guide to Las Vegas.”

Before I continue on, here’s the link to buy the book so you can start ordering it NOW – it’s that good.

“Outsiders’ Guide to Las Vegas”

fhbm-a-640x480Tim explains the books approach best, saying “obsessive Las Vegas visitors offer more trustworthy suggestions and accurate insights about the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street. An unapologetic Las Vegas outsider, author Tim Dressen shares advice, hints, and unfiltered opinions gathered as cohost of Five Hundy by Midnight, the Original Las Vegas Podcast, for more than a decade. (The podcast link to right has been supported since the beginning of this blog.) With the same irreverent spirit as the podcast, The Outsiders’ Guide to Las Vegas is packed with useful information, entertaining perspectives, and more than a few off-the-rails rants. This is the Las Vegas guide by an outsider, inspired by outsiders, and for outsiders.”

Yes, it’s all he describes it as – irreverent, unapologetic, and unfiltered.

But, you know what, he and his lovely wife Michelle have a perspective of Las Vegas that is blunt, matter of fact and will provide the truth about so many of your trip’s most important parts, including preparation and choosing a hotel, a no frills look at Vegas hotels on the Strip and Downtown,  and suggestions for drinking, dining, drinking, entertainment, and, well…..drinking.

This book is not for the faint of ear.  But it’s as if Tim were right there with you – an easy read, full of humor, sarcasm, “snarkiness” and a good dose of “colorful” language (if you know what I mean.)

Tim Dressen

Tim Dressen

Ok, here is where I would give some background on Tim & Michelle, their fabulous podcast, and their vast experience in the world’s greatest gambling, dining, and entertainment city.  But, why – this review is really all about the book.  If you need a new resource for your next Las Vegas trip, and you know what Las Vegas is like, then tthis is your next purchase.  Fact is, this is now a staple in my Vegas library.

My favorite parts are:

  • his comments on why taking kids to Las Vegas is ridiculous, but includes advice if you do.
  • opinions about each hotel on the Strip and Downtown – good and bad (he calls them Jackpot or Tilt)
  • travel suggestions for Vegas – tipping, cab fares, Uber, and time-management
  • and, the coolest list of a “Vegas-themed” songs.

It’s available in Paperback, or e-book.  Soon, it will be available as an audio book.

C’mon, what are you waiting for?  Start studying for your next trip to Gambling Mecca with “Outsiders’ Guide to Las Vegas”





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