MGM Grand Suit vs CT – NETG Has a Answer

David Collins, who posts editorials for the New London Day, is not someone I particularly agree with most of the time.  Usually he finds reasons to badger the two casinos in CT on monthly rants about their evils and harm to the Nutmeg State.  But today, I was stunned to find myself agreeing with his editorial.

Mr. Collins starts out by saying, “If there was any doubt that MGM Resorts, developer of a new casino in Springfield, Mass., is worried about plans for a proposed tribal border casino in Connecticut, the big gambling company proved it this week with a federal lawsuit aimed at stopping the Mohegans and Mashantucket Pequots.”

th (82)YOU BETCHA!  Not only that, but I would go one step further….MGM knows that this is a shot in the dark, much like the NFL attorneys are starting to feel the error in their litigation with Tom Brady.  Both are similar. How? – THEY BIDE TIME, but for different reasons. As David Collins puts it, “…Still, the lawsuit puts an immediate cloud on Connecticut’s plans — if nothing else, a prospect of endless legal delays.”  That’s it. This huge smoke screen is just an attempt to stop Connecticut’s attempt to get into the border game before them.  This giant of the gaming industry – who owns over 1/3 of the Las Vegas Strip – is worried they won’t be able to pillage CT as they were so sure they would.

One last quote from Mr. Collins’s article before I make my simply naive solution:

The Wampanoags proposal is outside their reservation in Massachussetts.

The Wampanoags proposal is outside their reservation in Massachussetts.

“…..MGM’s lawsuit is based in part on a warning that Jepsen issued before Connecticut lawmakers gave the tribes a yellow light for a new casino, an argument that giving the tribes exclusive rights for an off-reservation casino could be unconstitutional, in violation of the equal protection clause. Curiously, the Massachusetts law that allowed MGM to pursue a casino license also gives Massachusetts American Indians certain preferences in pursuing a southeastern Massachusetts license.”

So, let’s take a page out of Massachusetts own playbook.  We’ll call it “Deflate-MGM-gate.”

Step 1. Form a temporary commission headed by Attorney General Jepsen to decide on the license to be sure that it is fair judgement (like the MGC did with Steve Crosby, and his cronies for the final choice of Wynn & MGM.)

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Proposed look of casino in closed Showcase Cinemas building in East Hartford

Step 2.  Allow MGM and any other industry giant who thinks they want a piece of the casino pie in Connecticut for ONE CASINO LICENSE to put up $400,000 for an application fee, but make it sooner, like within two weeks. Oh wait, add inflation, so make $500,000 per license.  (Remember

Mohegan Palmer casino rendering

Mohegan Palmer casino rendering

that Mohegan Sun put up $800,000 for two licenses in Palmer and Revere only to be not “good enough” for the MGC.).  The license is complete with the understanding that all taxes to the state is the same as the pact now in play with the Mohegans & the Pequots.

Step 3. Take their money. Give a shorter amount of time than Massachusetts (I mean, doesn’t everyone want to get started right away to get CT’s money & jobs?) for finalizing their artist renditions, plans and start community searches for a prospective place in CT for their additional casino.

Step 4. One month to get community approval.

Meanwhile, the two tribes may continue to work on their proposal off the reservation the same way Massachusetts has allowed the Mashpee Wampanoags to try to get their act together independently of the four area licenses in that state!

Step 5. Decide what’s best for CT, which is the first plan. The two tribes build a satellite casino, later than expected, but still before MGM & WYNN can get up & running.

Simple, right?

  • Takes less time off the clock to get started in Connecticut to please big arrogant meanie Jim Murren of MGM.
  • CT gets the players it really wanted all along for its casino to battle MGM on the border – much like MA did with MGM & WYNN.
  • CT makes money on the process  – much like Massachuetts did dismissing the “also-rans” in their “fair” process.

Told you it was simple.  David Collins editorial can be found on following link: “Let MGM bid on a new casino”  It’s a great read.

That’s all for now.




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