Mohegan Sun Dining Review: Jordan’s 23Cafe

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Nothing special when it comes to service.

When eating and drinking at sports bars & restaurants, certain things are in the realm of expectations.  Naturally, being a social dining place, the ambiance is loud, casual and includes varied monitors of programming that bombards the senses with different sports, trivia, and other forms of entertainment.

Oh, and they should include two things that good restaurants have – good food and great service.

Jordan’s 23Cafe is a popular dining spot at Mohegan Sun, but don’t visit on a night that has a concert or sporting event.  The service lacks the care and attentiveness expected at any good restaurant.  This is based on two visits before events at the Arena.

th (68)First, let me say that since they opened with the opening of the concourse at Mohegan Sun, the menu continues to get smaller, and options less flexible. On the first visit I ordered the grilled pesto chicken sandwich, which was ok, but bland.  The rest of my party’s meal was not correct, bringing that awkward meal of some eating, some waiting.  The second visit, the food was deemed ok, with my fellow diners all getting burgers.  While the Black & Blue Burger continues to be a favorite and consistent entree at Jordan’s, the two Lone Star Burgers were nothing special, with a BBQ sauce on the sweet side.michael_jordans_23-header-641x361

All these sandwiches and burgers come with fries, which I still can’t tell if they are frozen or made there. If you want sweet potato fries, it’s only $1 more and is a worthy substitution.  But for those who are health conscious, you can get “greens” instead – FOR $3 extra!!!!  So, to eat healthier, you are penalized by a small salad of greens (on the first visit, the server couldn’t even articulate what”greens” were) as a substitute.  For $5.50 you can add a house salad and still get your fries – so substituting “greens” a bargain only to the restaurant.

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The Man Himself – He looks sad – maybe he knows how bad the service is in his restaurant?

Where Jordan’s really drops the ball is service. Suggestion – know your server’s name and note when she is in your area, because you might not see her again between your ordering and paying.  The food is brought to you in a timely fashion from the kitchen wait staff. But, be prepared to wait for “service.”  Our experience for for four burgers, three waters and a soda took 50 minutes.  We were never re-visited to check on our food, and I had to catch my server to ask for my water to be refilled.  Getting your bill and paying for it takes a good 15 minutes, especially when the server messes up your payment, forgets your box for leftovers, and seems more interested in other tables with more people – I guess for a better tip.

SERVICE – so lacking at Jordans 23Cafe. If you are going to a Mohegan Sun event and are looking for a place to eat, if you choose Jordans, go early, allow lots of time, and keep track of your server, in case you might want something during your meal before it gets cold.  Oh and ask for two waters each – there must be a drought in there.

It is obvious that since it’s opening, Michael Jordan’s 23 SportsCafe is getting by on its name, location to the arena, and past success.  Certainly, not on its attention to customers by the wait staff.

The BVR rating (Binbin’s Value Rating) = Two pair – nothing special anymore!



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