Plainridge First Impressions

Supposedly, first impressions are lasting.  If so,  I may not be back to Plainridge Park for a while.

Dont get me wrong, there are lots of good here.  In my opinion, it will be a great little local slots parlor, but never a destination.  Here is My impression:


  1. We were greeted by all staff, clapping for us.  Service was pleasant, and certainly eager to please.
  2. Clean, very clean. Bright.  It’s a nice room.  Modern styling.
  3. This is a complete nonsmoking casino, with a few areas for the smokers to get away and make friends with other smokers.
  4. ATMs should not be a problem.  While off the casino floor, finding an ATM is easy since the casino floor is not that big.
  5. Chairs are not attached to the machines.  They are comfortable and you can move them anywhere – closer, back to stand up.  Great idea.
  6. Food menus at Fluties and Oyster House look varied and interesting.  Food was provided at the VIP soft opening last night.  Wings from Fluties were delicious – especially the Italian chicken wings.  Southern fried bacon was different.  I liked it, but it’s not for everybody.  The restaurants themselves, while dark with a modern feel to them.  The food court is nice and bright.


  1. I first entered early, so I had to wait in the Racebook.  This should be their next concern. As new, clean  the casino was, the simulcast room was small, dingy and rather pathetic.
  2. If you get claustrophobic easily, then this casino might be tough for you.  There is little space between rows of machines, and the aisles are thin.  A larg Is er building, more space, and more room to move would have been a better approach.  Good luck if you are going with a group of friends to party.
  3. Too many individual “table game” machines, not enough video poker!  The VP pay tables are ok at best – 8/5 JOB, 9/5 DDB, (not bad!), 6/5 Bonus (ouch!).  AND, there are only ten machines in front of the band/ lounge area – TEN!  Out of 1200 machines?
  4. The band stage is set up nicely, with bar and tables in front, but the casino is so small and compact that the music can be heard throughout the casino – like it or not!
  5. All drinks aren’t free, only water, soda and coffee.  All alcohol must be paid for.
  6. If you are a smoker and gambler, you won’t be doing both at the same time.  The floor is completely smoke free.


This is a quick look on a night that was an opening.  Another visit will be planned by the end of the summer to see what has improved and what changes have been made.

Good luck, Plainridge Park, good luck Penn National.

That’s all for now.




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