Twin River Management Group secured the rights in April to acquire land in Tiverton and plans to move Newport Grand to the new facility.

ProJo’s Jennifer Bogdan, 
Journal State House Bureau, rteported that “sixty percent of Tiverton residents support plans for a building a casino on the town’s border, according to a new survey commissioned by Twin River Management Group.”

John E. Taylor Jr., chairman of Twin River Management Group, said even he was surprised by the positive response and  “In all honesty, we did not expect this level of support at this stage in our discussion with the community.”

Newport Grand Slots
Newport Grand Slots

There are currently 160 people employed at Newport Grand, according to Twin  River.The casino group estimates that the new Tiverton casino would employ a minimum of about 350 people, which is one of the biggest positives.  The fact that the City of Newport only wants the taxes and not the facility, and that Plainridge Park is opening over the border on June 24th also influence the move that the state legislature seems to support.

Want to see the survey?  Here it is:

Briefly, the results (1250 positive to 605 negative) are summed up below:

  • 92 percent said locating the casino away from schools and residential neighborhoods is very important.
  • Positive aspects included taxes and job creation. Sixty-five percent said generating new taxes is important, and 61 percent said job creation is important.
  • The facility’s proposed location on property just off of Route 81 and adjacent to the Route 24’s exit 1 ramps was also seen as a plus.
  • The most commonly cited negative concern was the impact on traffic.

One interesting note stuck in the middle of this is that more than one statement was allowed per household.  Given the possibility that a pro or con household could have four adults voting I feel waters down the survey.  And after all, it is just a survey.  Raise your hand out there if you participated in a survey whose results didn’t match the true feelings of final statement……..I thought so.

A 2:1 is usually a good bet to take. However, it is gambling……

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