Changes at Mohegan Sun Casino Floor – Sign of the Times

Mohegan Sun

Mohegan Sun

As I have said before, don’t get too comfortable with anything in life.  As soon as you do, it’s gonna change.

Well, many of us have been seeing quite a lot of changes on the Mohegan Sun casino floor.  Large spaces empty where a row or group of slots once were.  Then, something added.  Video poker machines have been exiting the side room casino in the Casino of the Earth for a while.  Once, an always vibrant room full of smoke, slot players and VP patrons, is being whittle down to nothing.  I knew something was up when my favorite “Monopoly Jackpot Train” slots were taken out.

IMG_0434Well, that entire space will be empty soon, getting for for renovations – to become a comedy club?

Yes, it’s true.  So, I expect the Cabaret will become a multi purpose space.  Two comedy clubs probably isn’t the plan.  But I think the real interesting problem to be worked out will be sound – as in loud Wolf Den sound.  The music from the Wolf Den, which is a free live entertainment venue, can be heard all over the Casino of the Earth. How will Mohegan Sun seal off the quiet needed for the comedy club while the Wolf Den is rocking in a weekend night – all at the same time?

Wolf Den, Free live Entertainment, Mohegan Sun, CT

Wolf Den, Free live Entertainment, Mohegan Sun, CT

Could there be other changes coming in gaming space?  At least two of the old cashier cages have been turned into bars, the Bow & Arrow has been expanded outward as a sports bar, taking away slot space as well.

Recently, a study came out about Las Vegas.  It was found that less visitors to America’s gambling mecca were there for the gambling.  The majority are now going for the hotels, the clubs, the food, and the overall experience.  In the casino wars of the future in New England, casinos may be favored over others solely because of the amenities offered, not necessarily the gambling.

th (18)The casino industry has seen a downward trend in slot play, and any concern by gamblers between 20-40 towards good gambling options.  Many people these days will be happy to play 6/5 blackjack as long as they are having a good time, or play 6/5 video poker at bar for fun.  (if you have to ask what all that “6/5” means, you may be one of them!

In any event, changes will continue in the ever-evolving industry of casino gambling.  Meanwhile, don’t get too cozy with your favorites.  They could be gone in a flash!

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