NETG Bonus – Dining Review of Ballo Italian Restaurant, Mohegan Sun


Welcome to Ballo Italian Restaurant & Social Club


It looks expensive.  The ambiance is that dark, but cozy and relaxing.  The wait staff makes you feel at home from start to finish.  And I am yet to be disappointed.

According to the website, ”  [it was] inspired by San Galgano in the hills of Tuscany. BALLO Italian Restaurant brings to life all the majesty of an Italian cathedral coupled with exceptional service and a fresh, authentic menu of Italian (6)

On this night, pizza was on our agenda. Three pizzas to be exact!

First, their SPICY MEATBALL, with provolone piccante, & pickled chilies.  Each bite rolls with taste – the provolone and sauce teases you with a subtle but delicious taste of picante in the sauce. Then not overly spicy italian sausage wakes up your palette on some of the best thin crust I’ve ever had.  Finally the taste of the chilies and a little heat at the end.  What an adventure.

Second pizza – CHICKEN SAUSAGE, broccoli rabe, red onion, and fresh mozzarella. This is a terrific contrast to the SPICY MEATBALL.  Just the right amount of their delicious chicken sausage.  The vegetables and mozzarella are perfect partners to sausage and that crust (did I tell you how much I liked the crust?)


The Ballo BIANCA Pizza – ricotta, pancetta, radicchio, & honey pizza.

We tried their BIANCA, ricotta, pancetta, radicchio, & honey pizza the first time we visited.  We consider it a “dessert” pizza beause of the wonderfullt subtle taste of drizzed honey.  It’s not sweet like a dessert, but to finish with this pizza tells the palate “we’re done.”  Pancetta, an Italian bacon, and the honey provide a slight salty/sweet combo don’t overwhelm, but supports each other superbly.

I want to again mention their outstanding service.  You are made to feel a part of their family, from the hostesses to all the waitstaff, to the manager.  Thank you Luke for the wonderful experience.  Ask to be seated at Christine’s table – you’ll be taken care!

Their menu is quite varied, and their wine menu is extravagant.  Check out their Sunday’s wine special – enjoy 50% off bottles of wine $100 or more and their website site for Late-night Dining, Cocktail & VIP Experience information.

I need to say that pizza at Ballos is a little more expensive than your usual pizza joint.  Duh! Because it’s not just an Italian restaurant,  it’s an Italian “experience.”  Some may disagree, but for the best pizza in a great atmosphere where you are treated special – this is the place to go.

That’s all for now.