New Hampshire Makes the Right Choice – AGAIN!

thHaven’t we all had enough of this story?  Over and over we hear the same thing – New Hampshire wants a casino, oops not this time, oh this will be different, oh, nope, guess not… about two? and Massachusetts is taking all our money!

New HampshireGuess what, three strikes and you’re out.  You’re too late to the party and your constituents, dear legislators, just don’t want any part of it.

The New Hampshire House once again rejected casino gambling on Wednesday, voting down a proposal that would have legalized two venues that supporters said would have provided badly needed revenue.  Casinos have never passed the House, but supporters and opponents alike were expecting a much closer vote than the roughly 50-vote swing on Wednesday.  Was I shocked – not in the least.

So, I can finally clean out all my NH alerts in NH blog folder.  Sorry my dear Granite State, it’s just not your gig!

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