Hey, New England Casinos – Can We All Just Get Along?

300px-Map-USA-New_England01Long ago as I started blogging about this passion of New England’s Casinos, I asked the question “Can We All Just Get Along?”  At the time, There were just four casinos, rumblings from New Hampshire that never materialized, a few native tribes still seeking recognition and the beginning of the lobbying of pro & con casino expansion in Massachusetts.  Heck, Twin River was still only a slot parlor.

At the time, I suggested that these little states work together to have a regional gaming industry to entice people from all over the country, and also brings visitors for our attractions, our history, our museums, and our wonderful seasons.  (OK, maybe not this “winter from hell”)

John Baibak, WHYN

John Baibak, WHYN

This past week, I read an editorial by John Baibak from NEWS RADIO WHYN 560.  It was simple, with just enough historical background to make the same point.  John wrote “Knocking Down Walls That Stand In Our Way.”  His comments echoed my first blogs about getting along for the good of the region.

Referring to years ago when the New England Governors met, John writes ” — the six governors would come out and talk to reporters but it always looked like they were tolerating each other.  It appears with all of this we are back to the old days when Governors turned back flips to steal businesses from the other state.  We have now reentered that age.”  He continues, saying, “If Connecticut and Massachusetts are shy about dealing with each other – I will be happy to put all the players in the same room together.  There is no need to have wars between the states.  There is only a need in the spirit of “regionalism” – that every politician talks about like it was going out of style,  that we trade ideas and co-exist.  Reagan and Gorbachev managed to get it done, certainly this can’t be a big deal.”

Brilliantly said.  I don’t feel alone anymore.  I feel the same way.

Unfortunately, John is right.  And it’s not just town vs town, city vs city.  It’s Mass vs CT, CT vs RI, Mass vs RI, Mass vs Maine, and don’t forget the new addition (for the fourth time!) Mass vs NH!

New England could do so much better together.  Maybe a one big boardwalk from Mohegan Sun to Bangor, Maine might help?  Nah…..just kidding.

That’s all for now.