unnamedIt’s getting that time again – MARCH MADNESS!!!!   (Go Huskies)

These are crazy times – fun times – the time to fill out those brackets.  Foxwoods has a celebration just for you on March 13th.  I hope you’re not superstitious (gamblers, superstitious?), seeing that it’s Friday the 13th, but somebody’s got to win, and it might as well be you…….or you…..or even you!

From 4:00PM to 9:pm, go to the Grand Ballroom to receive your access code and directions for your picks for the 2015 March Madness NCAA College Championship games.  Then, you use your access code to fill in your brackets prior to the beginning of the tournament, which is noon on Thursday, March 19th.  Every guest entry has a chance to win $2,000,000 for a perfect bracket.  Of course, we all know that’s pretty difficult!.  But there are other cash prozes for the best brackets based on final standings.

1st overall – $10,000

2nd overall – $5,000

3rd overall – $2,500

Everyone who enters will be automatically entered into a raffle for $1,000 in Bonus Slot Play! There will be five winners.

Sounds like fun.  Seems like other New England casinos have specials also concerning March Madness.  Look for tweets coming out adding to today’s information

Good luck, and that’s all for now!