In the Casino Industry, It’s Good Not to Get TOO Attached to Anything!


I have heard many of those who write or speak about Las Vegas say that you shouldn’t get too attached to things in the gaming industry, because as soon as you do, they’ll be gone.

“Don’t it always seem to go….”

It’s so true……so many things I have remembered and enjoyed in Vegas, and in casinos everywhere, only to never find them again.

“That you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”

Which is why I thought I’d post this today after hearing about the impending sale and implosion of the Riviera, the first hotel/casino I stayed at in Las Vegas. Not that I ever wanted to go back to the Riv, with all the choices over the last 20 years, but still,mite right up there with Flamingo, the Sands, the Dunes…..etc.

“They paved paradise and put up a parking lot.”  (Thank you, Joni Mitchell, from “Big Yellow Taxi”)

New England Casinos had some great things, but, to quote my Canuck heritage – “There they are…..gone!”

Here’s a list of some of the things – from New England Casinos, Las Vegas or casinos in general:

  • th

    What a great looking machine, and the graphics and video were way ahead of its time!

    Odyssey 4-play Video poker & Slot Machines – they looked like a slot machine from another planet.

  • Fidelia's Coffee Shop

    Fidelia’s Coffee Shop

    Fidelia’s – Mohegan Sun’s previous 24 hour coffee shop/restaurant.  Great food, decent prices, and the feeling of times gone by like the vegas casino coffee shop, only nicer surroundings.

  • An Atlantic City with a fun Boardwalk and 12 casinos – now, it’s just sad.
  • Great availability of full pay video poker – although Mohegan Sun does have full pay JOB, they don’t accrue points.
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    Coupon Book

    Coupon books in Vegas – it was really fun to eek out a little free slot play here and some matchplay there, finishing up with a free hotdog or drink.

  • Fado Irish Pub

    Fado Irish Pub

    Twin River’s “FaDo” Irish Pub – It was the reason a lot of people went to twin river.  Great food, and entertainment.  Sure gave Mohegan’s Lansdowne Pub a run for it’s money.

  • The old buffet at Mohegan Sun – the new version is a pricier, lower quality Studio B Buffet (M Resort, Las Vegas).  It looks like a model copy, just smaller.
  • Arena Football!  Remember when Mohegan Sun had arena football?  Sorry to see it go.  It was fun to watch all that scoring.
  • th

    Vacation Village – great old Vegas

    Vacation Village, a dumpy little casino with some of the greatest airfare promotions in the south of the strip, & the


    One of the first Brew pubs in Vegas – Stratosphere in the background.

    Holy Cow in Las Vegas, the first Brew Pub in Las Vegas across from the Sahara, which is also gone.  I also miss Stardust, Aladdin, Lady Luck, and Frontier – they had character.

One thing I won’t miss, but I thought I would – coins!  Nope, love the TITO (Ticket In, Ticket Out) and don’t miss the hopper fills, never mind my dirty hands from dealing with coins.

That’s all for now