The plan was to meet with friends at Mohegan Sun for dinner and plan a trip to Las Vegas. It was a very quiet night at the casino – few people, no incessant buzz of slot machines, just as I like it.  Great time to socialize.  But where?  So many choices.

We decided to try Ballo Italian Restaurant since we all had not dined there for a while.  We were seated in the front, between the bar area and the casino – nice open area, with the decor resembling a Gothic abbey in the hills of Tuscany. The place is huge, but elegant.  Nothing less than business casual dress is deserving of such ambiance.

But what about the food – that’s what we were there for, after all.

thThe foodie experience was as good as the decor.  We tried various menu items.  The spicy sausage pizza was delicious, but be prepared for some heat with the pickles chilies. The Margherita pizza was delicious, and the spaghetti and meatballs portion was enough for two.  My Tortelli, which were short rib stuffed pasta, similar to pot-stickers, melted in my mouth and were excellently prepared and presented.

But the most outstanding part of this restaurant is the care and service you receive the minute you walk in.  You are made to feel special throughout the entire experience.  Our waiter, Adam, was everything you’d expect from an Open Table award winning restaurant – three years in a row!  My water glass never reached half full because of Ballo’s attentive staff.

The greatest surprise came as we finished.  One pizza was slightly late to the table, and because of this, we were treated to canolis – on the house.  Delicious peanut butter and chocolate stuffed canolis were the perfect ending for those with a rich sweet

It was a great choice for the night.  I suggest you make it your choice for authentic Italian favorites. And don’t forget the Ballo Nightlife includes cozy surroundings, outstanding cocktails, and a VIP experience.

That’s all for now