Don’t go…..plain and simple.  Unless you’re into a partying atmosphere at night with over priced food and drinks that would be staggering even on the Vegas Strip, then enjoy.  But for me, I was extremely disappointed.  I have been many times since it opened, and always enjoyed the experience.  Not this time….

Yes, I include dining reviews here at N.E.Time Gambling, and mostly are positive and supportive of New England’s culinary opportunities in our casinos.  But this was a great big downer for me.

According to staff, six months ago the menu changed.  And, also according to staff, many people like the new menu (although, they did add many also ask for previous items.)  Changes include a smaller menu, burgers that start at $13, drinks that are way over-priced, and, from this blogger’s watch, a diminished atmosphere, getting away from the excitement of the old Margaritaville and introducing a vibe and value you could find anywhere – only any where would be cheaper, include more food, and have a greater value. 

Here’s my experience:

  • While it was half full at 6:00pm on a Friday night, my party of four were ushered upstairs to an area that had kept us from witnessing any other part of the restaurant, behind a wall separating us from the atmosphere and Jimmy Buffett ambiance one would be looking for.
  • Our four meals which each consisted of a sandwich or burger with fries (that’s the only side that comes with it), no drinks or dessert came to almost $60!  And that was choosing the lower priced burgers and sandwiches on the menu.
  • My Gulf Coast Panini had lots of meat – at least in 3/4 of the bread which was the length of a Subway 6″ sub.
  • My fries were cool to cold upon arrival – and everyone else’s were, too!
  • Service – less than what is expected.  By the time the waitress returned to see how our dinner was, my meal was almost gone and I had finished my pint of water 5 minutes earlier.  The same lack of timely service was experienced with the bringing of the check, and the returning of the check.
  • The hurricane event didn’t go off until we were done – and even that’s been downgraded to nothing special. The hurricane event with fake weather report doesn’t get played on the screen anymore, no Jimmy Buffet music to follow as a celebration, no large glass as before – basically, why still include it?

sm_msentranceIt’s obvious that the emphasis is now the club scene – the corn hole game outside the entrance, large parties of younger groups catered to in the main dining room, etc….  If this is an example of the food and entertainment value to counter-act the Massachusetts casinos of Wynn & MGM, Mohegan Sun is in big trouble.  Wait until people see what Wynn is going to roll out for club experiences and dining!

By the way, their website is lame.  Events calendar is blank!  Food listed, but no prices – gee, I wonder why? And it’s descriptions of the place in general refer to the Margaritaville of the past – not this one.

As a stand alone restaurant, don’t waist your time.  Like I said, a disappointing experience. With the possibilities available at Mohegan Sun, I’m not expecting to return.

That’s all for now.